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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - April 28, 2021

The general HOA meeting started at 7:35 pm. HOA president Christina Brownlow welcomed all residents, new board members, town staff, Davie police department, and Waste Pro representatives.

• Waste Pro representative Ken Rivera provided information on the industry and resident services. The 2022 schedule will be available soon. The waste industry as a whole is experiencing issues with the labor force, mainly a reduction in workers. Three workers who service the SWR area have had several incidents or injuries, and Ken is finding it difficult to recruit new workers. As a result, there have been some delays in their service to our residents. Chris suggested that the Town can help by getting the word out in the Waggler.

• There have also been some issues with the bulk trucks, which have caused some delays in service. As a reminder, bulk trash maximum is 12 cubic yards. Waste Pro is asking residents to cut large tree stumps. The heavy weight of large trees puts a strain on the claws of the truck, which are hydraulically driven. Council Member Allbritton asked about the fine for exceeding the 12 cu yds; Ken confirmed that it is $17 per cu yard in excess of the 12 cu yds. Bulk trash should be put out before 6:45 AM on Monday of your designated bulk pick up and as early as the Saturday prior. Ken provided his phone number to the board (954-445-9214) and is available for any questions or issues.

• Detective Hobales, Officer Elliott and Officer Christy of the Davie Police Department provided an update. In March, there were 166 citations, 72 of which were in Sunshine Ranches. Officer Christy began using the Town’s new laser to enforce speeding limits. Additionally, there were 2 arrests in SWR, 1 burglary and 1 theft. Someone took a car from a house on Hancock; 2 juveniles were arrested. Additionally, there was a burglary on Hancock. There was a party on Sunset in FloRida’s former home; however, the owner did not want to press charges. Finally, the local news covered a story about a wedding being held at a house on Hancock that was for sale. There was no entry into the property, so there were no charges. The DPD reminds all residents to lock our cars and our doors! Do a 9 pm check and ensure your property is locked! We discussed doing a targeted Facebook blast about locking our cars, and Jason Halberg, our VP, posted it that night. He also suggested we put a reminder on the Waggler.

• DPD also mentioned that there is a Special Needs Program on their website via This is for citizens who may require special assistance in an emergency situation. They invite our residents to proactively provide information to their department for any loved ones with special needs. SWR has an aging population, so it will be a beneficial service.

• Finally, a board member told about a neighbor who races sports cars down Hancock at high speeds. Officer Elliott asked for her to call Davie PD non-emergency number. Also, a resident asked to put up more 25 mph speed limit signs. This has been requested. Also requested electronic signs with car speeds to be placed.

• A resident had a question for the Board about security cameras. Mayor Steve Breitkreuz said that this is still in process and a policy is being developed for this. There will be no tax implication. They will be tag scanner cameras. Next step is to determine what areas will be the correct locations. We have a limited number of cameras, so will need to continue to assess and finalize.

• Vice Mayor Bob Hartmann said that town hall will begin to open up in June for the Council meetings. They will properly arrange the rooms w/ correct spacing. Stay tuned for more details.

• David Kuczenski, District 4, spoke on Transportation program for rehabilitation of drainage and resurfacing of the roads which will be completed before the end of the year. Fortunately, we will have new paving: SW 128 Ave off Griffin, SW 130 Ave off Griffin, SW 133 Ave off Griffin, Lupo Ln., Holatee Trail from Stirling to Old Sheridan.

• Mayor Steve Breitkreuz reminded of the new open mic Zoom meetings, held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Mayor spoke about the major construction on Stirling which is causing a lot of noise, plus blowing of dirt and dust. Part of the big issue is that there is no berm to protect the neighbors, and we need to figure out how to motivate the owner to put up a berm.

• Christina wrapped up by wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the moms! Memorial Day is a special day, and at 3 pm there will be a moment of silence for those who have served. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!

The meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 26, via Zoom.


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