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The 2015 Elections just took place! Come meet your new Board Officers & Directors in the Town Hall. 

Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association

General Meeting

May 27, 2015


By Isolde Cahill


President Ani Ruiz Chang called the meeting to order at 7:37pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Davie Police Department update: by Officer D. Graziadei

  • Crime statistics for the last four months included 230 service calls;

  • There were three burglaries: one residence, one shed, one vehicle; (was that for the last month though or YTD.  Seems  low. All the other stats are YTD, Perhaps move to after YTD stats if from last month only.

  • Year to date: 843 traffic citations, 452 in Sunshine Ranches;

  • 77 accidents so far this year, 104 last year in the same time frame;

  • In the 199th block of Griffin, there was a recent traffic fatality


Update on Town Events & Projects: by Councilman Gary Jablonski

  • Stirling Road guardrail project is in progress;

  • The Schools and Education Advisory Board scholarship fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday May 30th, from 4-8pm at the Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park;

  • The Grand Opening ceremony for the Country Estates “Fishing Hole Park,” at 190th and Griffin, is scheduled for June 27th from 10:00am to noon;

  • The Town’s birthday party tentatively scheduled for the beginning of November;


President’s Report: by Ani Ruiz Chang

There will be a SRHA membership table at the Education Board’s fundraiser;

  • New logo for the Association being developed;

  • Four standing committees (according to by-laws) will report at the monthly meetings; other committee reports only as needed.


Treasurer’s Report: by Dennis Hugdahl.

  • Current bank balance $2,820;

  • Checks to be deposited $1,700.

  • All outstanding Waggler expenses have been fully paid


Committee Reports:

Waggler: Saied Taie-Tehrani took over the advertisements for the Waggler; deadline date for all submissions has been changed from 10th of the month to 8th so that Waggler is received by the residents before monthly general meetings of the SRHA.


Membership: Judi Parker stated that there are now 286 members.


Sunshine: Rachel Greene asked everyone to make her aware of resident news so she can send appropriate acknowledgments.


Drainage: Vince thanked the president and the new executive board for their enthusiasm and the Town for making the new microphone available for our meetings; if it is approved, the drainage district will subsidize the Mustang and Hancock project.


Beautification: Ani reported that Sunshine Ranches entrance signs will be improved; awaiting landscape design plan from the Town to speak to local nurseries about “Adopt-a-Corner” initiative, which will request plant donations and monthly maintenance of the entrance they select.


Unfinished Business:

  • Meeting signs – Waiting on final logo to proceed;

  • Suggestion Box: input from April meeting on 2015 Priorities for Board:

1. Promote and unite the community through social events;

2. Increase membership;

3. Improve finances;

4. Keep meetings & resident comments short, decrease interruptions when others are speaking. 


New Business:

  • Waggler updates: working on new logo design and editing of the Waggler, hoping to launch for July issue, with new content and ads and ongoing improvements going forward.

  • Request for Suggestions: 2015-2016 social/fundraising events; Waggler content, & Safety Improvements.

  • 2015 Christmas Party will be Town-wide, collaborating with other HOAs and it will be held at the Rolling Oaks Barn.

  • Neighborhood Safety Grant Program: Town has approved a Safety grant of $40,000.  HOA should submit application for one specific area of improvement; if approved, project must be completed within nine-months and Town will reimburse 75% of cost.


Open Discussion:

  • A resident asked if we can legally have a 50-50 raffle at our general meetings to raise money. Ani responded that a fundraising committee is going to be established and they will look at several possibilities;

  • A resident suggested that Public Works provide us with “Watch out for Horses” signs for Mustang Trail to improve road safety around horses; Gary responded that he would take care of it.

  • Call to Action: Ani encouraged the members to do one of the following:

          -    Attend the food truck event on Saturday;

          -    Look into the town advisory boards –SR is under-represented;

          -    Volunteer for the beautification or fundraising committees;

          -    Invite someone to next month’s meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association

General Meeting

April 29, 2015


By Isolde Cahill


Meeting called to order at 7:35pm by President Ani Ruiz Chang; Pledge of Allegiance.


Officer D. Graziadei gave the Davie Police Department update:

         - No major incidents in Southwest Ranches;

         - Several residential burglaries; please check your home alarm system and make sure it is activated when leaving the house;

         - An increase in sign vandalism in the town;

         - Rosina Marrapodi suggested the public be educated about a new synthetic drug;

         - Bill Greene said there was an accident at Mustang and Hancock;

         - Judi Parker requested more patrolling on Mustang.


Councilman Gary Jablonski gave an update on projects, town events, and fielded questions and comments from residents:

         - Congratulated new board;

         - The Education Advisory Board is holding a food truck event on May 30th at the Equestrian Park to raise money for scholarships; there will be raffle baskets;

         - Chris Brownlow requested that a microphone be available for our meeting nights;

         - With regard to the Stirling Road guard rails, the survey work has been completed;

         - Regarding the LED speed limit signs, it’s too complicated for our existing company; the work is going out to a new bidder;

         - On May 28th from 9:30 until 2:30, the Mini-FLOW mobile will be at Town Hall for Driver’s License renewals, etc.;

         - There will be a household hazardous waste event on July 11th at the Rolling Oaks Park;

         - Last month, he was asked to check on a bulk trash problem on Luray Road; Code Enforcement is on it, and many homeowners have been cited;

         - Sandra Farah asked what is done about bulk trash violators; if there is an excessive amount of vegetation, it will be picked up and the homeowner will be billed; if it is hazardous waste, e.g. tires, the homeowner will be fined; or the violation will be flagged by Code Enforcement;

         - A safety grant program was passed by the town council; HOAs may apply for the grant, there is a $40,000 limit, HOA must match 25%, town reimburses HOA up to 75%.


Aster Knight spoke about the Aster Knight Parks Foundation; the Chili Cook-off was fun and enjoyed by all.  On November 14th, the fundraiser will be a classic car show at the Rolling Oaks Park; looking for volunteers for a host committee, please call December or Aster.


Ani gave her President’s Report:

         - Is contacting the town and other HOAs, studying the by-laws, connecting with committee leaders;

         - Challenges faced by SRHA: lack of participation by members and low membership;

         - Has heard about tensions and differences in the past, so let’s “put the past behind us.”


Committee Reports:

Waggler committee consists of Saied Taie-Tehrani, Ellen Wellington, and Ani.  Saied thanked Esther for doing a great job on the ads.  Ellen will be putting the next issue together, as William Wellington will be in Europe.  William has said that he wants to continue as editor.


Membership:  Judi reported we have 265 members and have collected $6,625.25 in dues; will mail another invoice to homeowners who have not yet responded.  Sandra stated that she is “blown away by Judi” and all that she has been doing through the years; it’s a lot of work.


Drainage:  Vince Falletta stated that the new executive board has many new ideas and is bringing the SRHA back into the “Sunshine.”


Communication:  Headed by Ani; has created a new e-mail list; meeting announcement was e-mailed; new Facebook page, please go to the page and “like” it; all communications will be funneled through the Facebook page; website will have a calendar incorporated into it; would like to have photos taken during the meetings and posted on the Facebook page; call or e-mail Ani or Sandra to disseminate information if you don’t have a Facebook page.


Lost and Found:  Chris noted that the Stevens family of Sweetwater Farms lost their boxer; there are now photos of the animals which will be posted on Facebook.


Beautification:  Bill Greene will stay on until Ani finds a replacement.  Ani suggested a project to improve the appearance of all our Sunshine Ranches signs; Bill said he has tried to improve the appearance of the signs, but December wants only low-maintenance plants (natives).  The sign at Hancock and Griffin needs to be cleaned up.


Hospitality:  Ani and Rosina bring coffee and dessert.


Unfinished business:  Ani introduced the officers and the board.



New business:

         - Ruth Wolff wanted to brag about her 11-year-old grandson who plays the trombone; he has been selected to play in the Air Force Jazz Band in Washington, DC.

         - Ellen’s youngest daughter, Taylor, is going on a mission trip to Mexico with other high school students from her church and will be working on an orphanage.

         - Ani stated the new board has three basic goals:

           1.  Create a meeting environment that is more focused and meetings that are shorter in duration;

           2.  Increase membership and participation;

           3.  The financial recovery and prosperity of SRHA.

         - Ani has instituted a suggestion box: anonymous; general suggestions to improve the association, meetings, etc.

         - A scholarship application was submitted by Chris to Ani on behalf of the Education Advisory Board; scholarships are awarded for service hours to students 18 to 25 years old; the applications are reviewed by a group of retired teachers.  Check the Southwest Rancher for more information.

         - Ani suggested making fundraising a new committee.


Open discussion:

         - Bob Parker asked who has the meeting signs; the Parkers have one, as does Ellen; Chris volunteered her students to make new signs (can be added to their portfolios) and will happily accept donations for the signs.

         - Bob stated that more can be accomplished by speaking to one of the councilmen in attendance at our meetings than by speaking for three minutes at a town meeting.

         - Ani feels it’s important to have the board members attend the council meetings to become familiar with the people and the process.


Treasurer’s report:  Dennis Hugdahl reported an account balance as of March 31 of $8,533.44; checks totaling $4,424.06 were since written, $2,600 is spoken for, leaving a balance of approximately $1,500.


Ani wished all mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day.”


Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

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