Sunshine Ranches HOA, May 2017

Message from the President (David S. Kuczenski, Esq.)

Dear Neighbor,


It’s another beautiful day in Sunshine Ranches!! I wish to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to cast a vote for your current Board of Directors. Your neighbors who are elected to the Board include: Vice President, Vilma Lopez, Secretary, Isolde Cahill, Treasurer / Membership, Judi Parker, and your Directors, Ryan Case, Sandra Farah, Rosina Marrapodi, Ani Ruiz Chang, and Saied Taie-Tehrani.  One common thread that ties your Board and you together is we all decided to call Sunshine Ranches our home. This is our paradise.

Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association is a voluntary organization in our 48th year. Our goals are to make our community a beautiful and hospitable place to call home for our families and our furry four legged companions. With your membership fee, your HOA maintains the beautiful entranceways on Stirling Road (as you drive westward from Flamingo) and on Hancock Road (as you drive southward from Griffin), and publishing this wonderful monthly publication.

During my inaugural meeting with Vice-President Vilma Lopez, she suggested one goal to make our meetings more interesting by inviting a series of speakers to speak at our HOA monthly meetings. In addition, other goals for the next year will include, increasing membership (if you have not joined, it’s only $50 for the year), raising public safety awareness and striving to improve the Waggler (for example: if any SRHOA member submits a photo taken from around our community, we will consider the photo for publication in the Waggler. You may even see your photo on the front cover. Please send your photo to our email address.)

The speaker series is scheduled to begin with the April 26, membership meeting. The introductory featured speaker, Chairman of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board, Newell Hollingsworth is expected to enlighten our community concerning the purposes of the advisory boards to the Town Council and the current events concerning the Comprehensive Plan advisory board. In the future, we will ask others to speak at our meeting, such as Florida lawmakers, Broward county officials, town administrators and private business persons to share their knowledge in their chosen field of specialty.

If you have children who need to fulfill their community service requirement, we expect to have projects that can help meet those responsibilities.

As your President, I hope to raise your interest in your Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association. We have a community of wonderful residents. Together we can make Sunshine Ranches a beautiful and friendly community. Have a Happy May.

David S. Kuczenski, Esq.

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