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SRHA General Meeting February 22, 2017

President Ani Ruiz Chang called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Davie Police Department Update by Officer Dave Graziadei

* Town-wide statistics for February: 17 reported vehicle accidents, 102 citations.

* Several burglaries or thefts of which two were vehicle break-ins; remember to remove your valuables and lock your vehicle doors.

* Residences: Should be lit at night and doors locked also.

* A fatal vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Hancock and Griffin roads at 2:15 am on 2/18 or 2/19; an unlicensed driver left a party and traveled north on Hancock at a high rate of speed, through the intersection, through the guardrail, and into the canal; he was the sole victim.

Update on Town Events and Projects by Councilman Gary Jablonski

* Country Estates Fishing Hole Park: Ballparks are underway.

* Calusa Park picnic pavilion and playground cost of $105,000; Parks Foundation chipped in.

* Founder’s Pavilion at Trailside Park is progressing.

* Rolling Oaks Barn storage room: Obtaining quotes.

* Stirling Road guardrail: 4,200 linear feet; should be completed by end of year.

* TSDOR: Bids are due by 3/21; will commence in May and be completed in a four-month timespan.

* Town entryway signs: Two on Griffin Road at Dykes Road and Bonaventure Boulevard.

* March 11, Water Matters Day at Tree Tops Park from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

* The Schott Center parking lot: Drivers are using Luray, Mustang, Melaleuca, and Appaloosa to access it; the Town is looking into the situation; that part of the road is in Cooper City.

* Traffic: 10,000 cars per day use Stirling between Volunteer and Flamingo roads.

President’s Report: Ani recognized Bob Hartmann who supplies her with photos of Town events, etc. Bob announced that Country Estates will be hosting a Country Barbecue on March 26 from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm at the Country Estates Park located at Griffin and 190th Avenue. Set up will begin at 9:00 am if anyone is interested in volunteering. Continuing the President’s Report, Ani stated that the master email list is being updated; a meeting is being scheduled with Town officials re TSDOR; the website and Facebook page are being updated and refreshed; a letter to legislators re Sober Homes is being drafted; a new design for the metal entrance signs is in the works. Judi is working hard on the annual dues invoices. Sandra has committed to monthly articles in the Waggler regarding code enforcement questions. Ryan has committed to financing the updating of the metal entrance signs.

Treasurer’s Report (Judi Parker)

Reported that we will end this fiscal year in the black. The bank balance on 1/31 was $3,621.86, checks were written in the amount of $2,078.56, leaving a balance of $1,543.30.

Committee Reports

Drainage (Vince Falletta): Not much to report; canal levels are down in anticipation of the rainy season and recent heavy rains. CBWCD is allowing culverts, rather than bridges, in the canal along Hancock, as long as they are approved by the Town Engineer.

Unfinished Business

2017-2018 Board Candidates and Annual Election: Ani thanked the members of the Nominating and Election Committees and introduced the candidates. The election will be held on March 29; there will be no meeting.

New Business

Vince noted that our historical materials are not in the Town’s showcase and wondered where they are. Ani will check into it.

Special Board Meeting Recap by Ani: PayPal account researched, landscaping contract formalized, membership invoices and accompanying letter, residents’ survey, Waggler.

Committees – Volunteers: With regard to committees, Ani is concerned about the Waggler Committee, which is the most urgent; one more person is needed for this committee. Drainage is the most important committee; Beautification coordinates seasonal plantings at our entryway signs. Ani wants to have people in place for these committees before she leaves.

Open Discussion

Vilma came up to the front and thanked Ani for all that she has done during her time as president.

A resident suggested looking into Stripe Payment, which is better and cheaper than PayPal. Ani expressed the opinion that people are more familiar with PayPal.

Call to Action: Pay your dues as soon as you get your invoice. Bring a neighbor to the March meeting. Join a committee.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

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