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President Christina Brownlow welcomed everyone to the meeting which was held at the special location of Lori Parrish and Geoff Cohen’s lovely home. In addition to having our board meeting, the highlight of the evening was to celebrate Judi Parker’s and Sally Brokken’s contributions to our community and SRHOA board. The two are retiring from the board after over 25 years of service.

Davie Police reviewed the stats for January. There were two reports provided: The first was for an unlocked signal 10 with the key fob left inside of the vehicle, which was located abandoned in Miami. The other incident was for a possible criminal mischief to a residence window. Both incidents appeared to be isolated. Additionally, there were over 100 extra watches completed for the month, and residents were reminded of these initiatives by Davie Police.

Council updates: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz spoke about Flamingo Flocking, a fun program with a great cause: proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund. The Barn Dance is sold out but a great covered porch outside is available with 3-5 tables.

Council person Jim Allbritton: Traffic board was started January 2022. Traffic flashing light speed indicators: If you want one on your street, please let him know. The radar signs are working! In January 2023, there were 250 speeding tickets issued vs. 50 in 2022.

Councilman Gary Jablonski gave the fill update from the Drainage Committee to remove the fill, issue permits, etc.

Councilman David Kuczenski gave update on the Dog Ordinance. We don’t want to punish any specific breed; we are depending on the owners to do the training and enforcing with their dogs!

He also referenced an article in the DRW Magazine about our water and the rising water tables, which lead to salt water intrusion.

Councilman Bob Hartmann congratulated Sally and Judi. He talked about the fireworks; we will likely put this item on the next ballot. There are only three legal days to do fireworks and we are working to put an ordinance as a non-binding vote.

Carlos Martinez gave a brief update of the 40-acre lot which he owns (Griffin and Hancock) and the plans to develop the land into larger lots (less lots with more acreage).

The meeting then turned into a celebration of Sally Brokken and Judi Parker and their contribution to the Board over all the years of their service.

Lori Parrish introduced Senator Steve Geller who gave a Proclamation to honor Judi Parker and declared February 24, 2023, as Judi Parker Day. The Parkers moved to SWR in 1974. He declared February 23, 2023, as Sally Brokken Day. The Brokkens moved to SWR in 1976. Sally was the first HOA President (1988) and was instrumental in helping us become a Town.

The two ladies were given various gifts, flowers, and plaques. We took pictures and celebrated them. The evening ended with delicious desserts provided by Lori Parrish.

Treasurer’s report: balance as of January 31, 2023, was $31,818.11.

The next meeting will be on April 26 at 7:30 pm. There will be no meeting in March, since we have the elections this month.

During the first week of April, we will celebrate Passover on the 5th and Easter on the 9th. May you all share in the light of love and happiness with those dearest to you. Do not forget Mother Earth on the 22nd. How will you honor her…plant a tree, donate to an animal sanctuary, or start your backyard habitat?

Thank you, Detective Jeff Hobales, for your service and dedication to our community. Enjoy your retirement…it is well deserved!

Current News and Updates:
  • Please take caution from mail theft and auto burglaries! Folks, we cannot stress enough the importance of bringing your mail inside in a timely fashion and securing your valuables from your vehicles (as well as ensuring your keys/key fobs are with you). Report any suspicious activity immediately to the Davie Police Department!

  • If you would like to host the DPD flashing traffic sign on your swale, please notify the Town. They will help you coordinate with the department. Also, please review (and keep) the valuable information provided by DPD within this issue.

  • Page three of the March Southwest Rancher gave vital information on fill permits and load capacity. Please review and share with your neighbors.

  • Thank you to the 2023 Election Committee: Geoff Cohen, Wendi Halberg, and James Starkweather. Another successful election took place on March 29th. The SRHOA officers and board look forward to seeing members at the next meeting, April 26th. Please look for the location and meeting agenda within a week of the 26th via Facebook and Gmail.

Community events:
  • Thanks to all who supported Water Matter’s Day, The Barn Dance Scholarship Fundraiser, Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser, and The Sikh Youth Diversity Run…all great community events. Your support is a fundamental and vital part to the success of our town.

  • The SWR Farmers’ Market continues to run each Saturday at Green Meadows Sanctuary. Come and support our local vendors and artisans.

Stay Connected:
  • Support Southwest Ranches’ Certified Community Habitat status by certifying your own backyard through the National Wildlife Federation’s backyard hab

itat program…it is easy, plus you may purchase and proudly display a certification sign. Go to today to certify.

  • Springtime is Baby Animal Time: Birds It is common to see baby wild animals outside during spring, as a new generation makes its way into the world. Baby wild animals might seem like they need our help, but unless the animal is truly orphaned or injured, there is no need to rescue them. These tips can help you decide whether to act: the animal is brought to you by a cat or dog; there’s evidence of bleeding; the animal has an apparent or obvious broken limb; a bird is featherless or featherless and on the ground; the animal is shivering; there is a dead parent nearby; the animal is crying and wandering all day long. If you see any of these signs, find help for the animal. If necessary, safely capture and transport them to the appropriate place for treatment.

  • Mayor Breitkreuz’s “Q & A with Mayor Breitkreuz,” occurs on the second Wednesday of the month. Please join Steve for an informal discussion pertaining to your concerns.

  • Remember, the Council meets face-to-face at Town Hall on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Occasionally, dates may change. Please check the Southwest Rancher and/or for meeting dates, times, and agendas. Internet viewing is also an option, just go to your YouTube connection and type “Town of Southwest Ranches Official Channel.”

  • Please stay connected…join our SRHOA Gmail (, visit our website (, or view our posts at

As always be safe, be happy, and be loved.


Vice President DaNell welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM. Detective Hobales led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Davie Police: Detective Hobales reported that, for the year in SWR, we had 1384 citations. Davie had 2200. In December there were 81 citations in Sunshine Ranches, 24 burglaries of which 90%+ were from unlocked vehicles, 13 felony arrests. We have 13 officers assigned to SWR, plus 1 detective and 1 police service coordinator. Residents are also encouraged to use Neighbors app as a way to express information.

Council updates: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: Drainage committee has been working on fill issues, and it’s a work in progress. He said that the Council appreciates the community’s feedback over the past months. This month’s Council meeting will cover the dog ordinance, and the Council would like residents’ input. Also, there will be a presentation on the coyotes, and Mayor is open to ideas. Lori Parrish congratulated the Mayor for the designation of the town as a butterfly sanctuary.

President Chris acknowledged Sally Brokken and Judi Parker and their contributions to the Board over all the years of their service.

Vice Mayor Jim Allbritton said that the traffic flashing light speed indicators have promoted awareness on speeding and asked for suggestions for locations for the speed indicator trailers. The Council suggested getting some fixed traffic signs as well. He requested for folks to send email addresses to him to invite to Town meetings.

Councilperson David Kuczenski talked about the vicious dog ordinance. Some tweaks have been made to address this issue. He does not agree with breed-specific, since it can depend on training. David wants to provide the vendors of the Farmers’ Market additional recognition since this is such a great addition to our town.

Gary Jablonski gave his update on the various public works projects that are underway.

Several comments and questions were brought up by board members and residents to the Council and to Lori Parrish, who was in attendance.

Lori Parrish asked for a token of appreciation to be given to Sally Brokken and Judy Parker for their service, and she will be willing to host the reception.

Jason Halberg shared some feedback received about making our meetings more efficient for 2023. We want to keep the meeting on topic and focus on key issues, including providing Council updates that are specific to Sunshine Ranches. He asked Ed Gonzalez to give an update on the drainage board regarding fill. Jason asked if Ed Gonzalez, who currently sits on the SWR’s drainage advisory board, could extend the HOA’s wishes and be our voice on that board by pushing for stiffer penalties for fill violations (such as having to remove the fill upon violations), especially when it involves level 3 fill permits which are typically done by contractors/experts who clearly know our town’s rules.

Carlos Martinez gave an update on the 40-acre parcel of land by the church at Hancock and Griffin. Carlos explained that the Marc Fisher deal fell through due to specific comments made by Council Member Jablonski during the November 30, 2022, SRHA meeting, as well as a lack of agreement on contract pricing and terms. Mr. Martinez further explained that he is still considering developing the property into 2.5-acre residential home sites that would be compatible with the Sunshine Ranches community as he originally presented.

Treasurer’s report: balance as of December 31, 2022, $26,529.98.

We plan to streamline the meetings going forward in 2023 to make them more efficient.

The next meeting will be on February 22 at 7:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

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