The SRHOA Board wishes you and your families a wonderful Passover and Easter. We honor Earth on the 22nd…consider planting a native tree or flowers, or perhaps donating to a wildlife organization.


Notes from the Mayor’s March zoom meeting: Mayor Breitkreuz is excited to announce the start of the SWR Farmers’ Market on Saturday, March 19th. He shared his appreciation of George

Morris for preparing the grounds. There is much

consensus on the trash issues (focus on costs and tailoring to what’s needed). We may see extra police patrols as were present pre-pandemic. There will be ongoing discussions per the RR+ designation. We have a new vendor for road repairs. The Charter Amendment group did a great job…Steve will bring forth language pertaining to the replacement of a council member in between elections. One of our residents on SW 188th lost all of his goods to a scammer... DO NOT GIVE YOUR ADDRESS TO ANYONE ONLINE! The Town is receiving money from the Fed…Council will prioritize needed expenditures. Finally, the mayor is super-pleased to have renewed the Monarch Pledge…our new friends, the Beekeepers Association, are supporting us 100%.

  • We hope you have read the Facebook posts: Hancock Road guardrail installation will begin soon. Please refer to this for alternate routes of travel during the construction phase.

  • Thank you, Councilman Kuczenski, for your motion to support Ukraine. Folks, get your mailbox adornments to show your support as well (blue & yellow fabric with sunflower centers).

  • We have an Earth Day event scheduled for April 22nd and it will involve one of our scout troops. We would love to have you. Please contact December at Town Hall for more details (954.434.0008).

  • 4/9 Sikh Diversity Run at ROCA; 4/10 Party in the Park at Equestrian Park-wear your SRHOA t-shirts!!!


A few neighbors have brought to our attention the possibility of poisoned wildlife. Per Florida Statute 828.08 Penalty for exposing poison, “Whoever leaves or deposits any poison or any substance containing poison, in any common street, alley, lane, or thoroughfare of any kind, or in any yard or enclosure other than the yard or enclosure occupied or owned by such person, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.”

Please remember, we are a Certified Community Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation, so actions such as this go against the grain. Should you have wildlife concerns, please go to the following sites: and You will find kind and humane help for your wildlife concerns.

Florida's wildlife and human populations encounter each other more than ever before, and the circumstances which create conflicts with wildlife are as varied as the environment of Florida itself. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is reduced and fragmented, conditions are often created which attract wildlife. Such contacts between people and wildlife often result in conflicts. Most wildlife conflicts can be resolved by making simple changes such as removing attractants. Understanding wildlife behavior can help you appreciate and coexist while reducing negative impacts. Wildlife conflicts may result in the perception that all wildlife is a nuisance without recognition of beneficial values. An unpleasant experience may cause such a perception, particularly among people who have few encounters with wildlife. Remember that removing one animal may serve to open up territory for others to move in. Consider making simple accommodations to avoid wildlife conflicts so you can enjoy the wildlife in your backyard.

  • Support Southwest Ranches’ Certified Community Habitat status by certifying your own backyard through the National Wildlife Federation’s backyard habitat program…it’s easy, plus you may purchase and proudly display a certification sign. Go to today to certify.

  • Mayor Breitkreuz’s next “Q & A with Mayor Steve Breitkreuz” will be on April 13th. Please join Steve’s Zoom meeting to enjoy a relaxed and collegial discussion concerning events and needs of the Southwest Ranches community.

  • Remember, the Council meets face-to-face at Town Hall on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Occasionally, dates may change. Please check the Southwest Rancher and/or for meeting dates, times, and agendas. YouTube viewing is also an option.

  • Please stay connected…join our SRHOA Gmail (, visit our website (, or view our posts at

As always be safe, be happy, and be loved.


Chris asked all participants in the Zoom call to sign in to the chat room and to advise if they are HOA members. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Christina Brownlow. Carlos Martinez led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris welcomed everyone and asked all participants to mute when not speaking, given the large group. Chris welcomed the mayor, council members, and board members, as well as friends from neighboring communities who were in attendance, as well as the Davie Police officers.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales advised that there was a hiccup with the report, so he couldn’t provide all the statistics. In Southwest Ranches, there was 1 burglary to a residence. The subject was arrested by Davie’s undercover unit. There were also 2 car burglaries, both to unlocked vehicles, and 1 motor vehicle theft due to a key fob left in the vehicle. A total of 58 citations, and crime was down in January. Also, Officer Kristi is back on duty after her broken toe healed. Debbie Green shared that the Education Advisory Board is actively doing the “Flamingo Flocking” fundraiser again, so if you see pink flamingos in your yard or your neighbor’s, don’t call the police! It is a fun way to support the college fundraiser. She also advised Detective Hobales that one flamingo and a sign went missing from someone’s yard.

Town Council Member Comments: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: We are continuing to work on the Farmer’s market and plan to have it running this spring; will confirm the date soon. We are glad to offer this to the residents! Regarding the current TSDOR project, we are receiving input from the residents about the swales and are looking at improvements to the grading, which typically requires more involvement from engineering, so the full engineering funding will be considered. We are also looking at potential options with the sod. We are using Bahia sod now due to the weather and lack of rain and are also considering using St. Augustine.

Vice Mayor Gary Jablonski gave an update on upcoming events. Waste Workshop on Garbage Bulk on February 26; Barn Dance for Education Advisory Board on March 12, 5K run for Education at the Barn on April 9; Egg Hunt on April 2 at 11 am at the Barn. Memorial for Aster Knight’s wife (they have been married for 62 years) on March 5 at 11 am. Chris tagged on that we will be having the SRHOA elections on March 30 and having our second Party at the Park on April 10.

Councilman Bob Hartmann discussed the Waste issue and that the recycling market has changed a lot recently. He asked for feedback from the residents on this very important matter. Broward County is looking to raise fees at the dump. Mayor Steve asked for residents to also copy him on any email input, as he wants to track what is important to us.

Marianne Allen asked if the Council is considering Agenda 30 from the United Nations “Sustainable Development” which many states have adopted. The mayor answered that he is not familiar with it, and she provided some of the highlights, which include that people will need to do their own recycling and composting, as well as a Clean Waters Act through which people will need to recycle wastewater for drinking water.

Councilmember David Kuczenski spoke about the TSDOR program and provided the roads that are being resurfaced. He asked to be contacted directly if there are any drainage issues on these roads. Additionally, he talked about an equestrian path at the C-11 canal in Southwest Ranches by Bonaventure Blvd in Weston.

Councilmember Jim Allbritton advised that the drainage project in Green Meadows is almost completed. Also, the Broward County League of Cities is working to help our town get as much access to government funding and Jim is representing us.

New Business: Jason Halberg, VP SHROA introduced Mr. Carlos Martinez and Jeff Katims, our Town Planner. Carlos is purchasing the lot on Griffin and Hancock which is owned by New Testament Church with the intention of developing it for residential homes. He has shared that he wishes to rezone the property from Community Facilities (CF) (which is a non-residential/non-commercial zoning category) to Rural Ranches (RR) to build approximately 16 homes. This zoning change would have to go in front of the town council and receive a 5-0 vote. Carlos Martinez is a town resident and HOA member, and he has purchased the land to develop homes. He has presented to the Council to build Rural Ranches on the property.

His plan is to build homes that are in keeping with our town culture, including to restrict the size of the homes and rooflines, minimize lighting, put an easement on East Palomino, build a horse trail around the full perimeter of the property and to landscape the property in keeping with our rural flavor.

We had various residents ask questions and provide input to Carlos on the proposed plan. In summary, the consensus of the community was in support of what was presented based on the 2 net acre lots.

Jason then introduced another agenda item which is a proposed change to the residential land zoning called Rural Ranches Plus (RR+). This new proposed category would be a new land zoning category in addition to Rural Ranches (RR) that would potentially redefine the term “net acre” from 2 acres as currently defined within “Rural Ranches” to 2.5 acres in efforts to protect our open space and keep us rural. He mentioned that it could be helpful for the town council to get feedback (via a motion) from our members regarding both the proposed development as described by Carlos as well as the new proposed RR+ zoning category.

Michele McBride made a motion in support of this project by Developer Carlos Martinez to rezone the property RR to include the deed restrictions discussed this evening, including the equestrian trails. Chris Brownlow seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

A second motion was attempted relating to the new RR+ proposed land use category but was withdrawn and taken off the table.

Next order of business: April 10 “Party at the Park” from 1-3 pm. David Kuczenski made a motion for budget of $1500. Katina Soy seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. David Kuczenski motioned to reorder T-shirts with budget of $1200 for the Scholarship Fund, seconded by DaNell D’Alfonso. Motion carried.

Other business: We are looking for help with Communications department.

Treasurer’s report: Balance of $28,777.02 as of January 31, 2022.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Christina Brownlow, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris welcomed everyone with her usual cheerfulness. Next month’s meeting will be on Wednesday, February 23rd via Zoom.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales and Officer Larry Elliott provided an update. There was an aggravated assault on Hunter’s Point and a vehicle theft on Sunset Lane. All 3 cars on the Sunset Ln. property had the key fobs in the car—it was “car wash” day, and the one car was stolen. Elsewhere, there was 1 mailbox damaged. Detective Hobales ended by introducing the new member of the family, a puppy named Smoky, who will be joining Bandit in the community!

Town Council Member Comments: President Chris asked for discussion on TSDOR, the Charter and fireworks.

Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: Current TSDOR project is on 199/202 Avenues. Pavement is down, but putting the swales down has been an issue and a change for the residents, and many residents are not happy because the water is not going off the road. Council is trying to determine how to address, since there are engineering rules on how to put in a swale. Individuals who have planted trees or vegetation in the swale have become an issue as well. We are trying to replace and repave the roads so that they last another 25 years, so this is something we need to go through to improve the Town.

Chris asked for help in communicating to the townspeople in Sunshine Ranches regarding the project in our area, which will be next.

We had a lengthy discussion about people planting in the swales without permission. Mayor Steve advised that the ordinances are good, but on most items we as a town have been reactive vs. proactive, so we don’t always address things unless they get brought up. Several residents spoke regarding their issues with the swales, including the inability to ride horses on the swales. Also, some folks are hesitant about raising issues to neighbors who are not following neighborly laws. Mayor Steve further addressed the proactivity of bringing up issues. Mayor Steve also said that as we invest in road improvements, we also need to address drainage, the swales, and of course be sensitive to the horses. Please call the Town or the board if you have any concerns!

The mayor also advised that the Charter group will have a final meeting in February, do the final votes and then it can go before the Council, so he urges citizens to be on the alert and be informed. Chris will help get the word out.

Fireworks has been an important topic. We mirrored the bill that Wellington had, but unfortunately, so did another 20 municipalities. Mayor Steve said that when the Council members went to Tallahassee last week to push this support, we found out that the chair is not very supportive because there are so many municipalities involved. We will look to change the wording to better push it through next year.

Sally Brokken brought up the construction at the complex at Stirling and Holatee.

Vice Mayor Gary Jablonski discussed the Drainage and TSDOR paving projects and guardrails throughout the Town. We received a Florida Fire Fighters grant for equipment. And finally, the Founders Park art project is underway and looking great on Griffin.

Council member David Kuczenski spoke regarding the fireworks meeting at Tallahassee and expressed his commitment to make this happen in the future. He also talked about proactive and reactive code enforcement; the leadership in Tallahassee wants to do away with anonymous code enforcement.

Council member Jim Allbritton thanked his council members for the meeting in Tallahassee and advised that the first meeting of the Safety and Traffic Board will be Feb. 1st.

New Business: Chris brought up the potential new development on Griffin and Hancock and advised that the Council cannot weigh in or comment on the evening discussion. The developer will be on the February SRHA Zoom call. Chris showed an aerial view of the area. A town resident, Carlos Martinez, would like to purchase the land and develop several homes. There are several issues for discussion. Please attend next month’s Zoom call for further discussion and formulate questions for then. Input was provided by several town members.

Slate update was provided by Lori Parrish regarding the board and committees. Made a motion to amend the By-laws of the Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association on Article IV, section 1(a) to increase the number of people on the board. Strike 3 to 5 and 9 to 13. Also, strike the last line in the section. Sally Brokken seconded, and the motion was voted upon successfully. Saied Taie offered to step down from the board, however, the board members have already been published.

Mr. Bob Parker motioned to donate $1000 for the Scholarship Fund, seconded by David Kuczenski. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Balance $28,777.02 as of December 31, 2021.

Chris advised that since we did not have to pay for the rental of the Equestrian Park for the December Party Event, would we be willing to put the balance of the budget toward a contribution or beautification project of the park. The amount will be discussed at the next meeting.

Membership report: We had an additional 11 members this month, total members are 319. To note, 19 members have paid double the fee and one member paid $450! Vilma acknowledged and thanked the council members, Mayor and board for their commitment to the Town.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:21 PM.