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SRHA General Meeting, December 9th, 2015

President Ani Ruiz Chang called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Ani recognized new attendee Laura Buenaventura who is starting a pet/home sitting business.

Davie Police Department Update by Officer Dave Graziadei

* Be vigilant and cognizant of your property and car during the holidays;

* Lock your vehicle and remove personal items;

* November: 141 citations issued, 19 reported accidents, 354 calls for service;

* January – November 2015: 2,223 citations and 231 reported accidents.

Vice Mayor Doug McKay stated the Town requested a traffic survey for the intersection of I-75 and Griffin Road, due to 240 accidents since January.

Ani passed on the information from Councilman Gary Jablonski that the guard rail project on Stirling has been completed.

Vice Mayor McKay mentioned that the Town election is next November; he will be running for the mayor’s seat, so his council seat will be open.

Ani stated that the guest speaker at next month’s meeting will be a representative from the Broward Property Appraiser’s office, who will speak about exemptions.

President’s Report (Ani)

* Adopt a Corner: Regarding the two large entry signs, Zito Landscape Design has agreed to donate all labor to landscape the signs; some nurseries may donate the plants.

* Joint HOA Christmas Party: Scheduled for Friday, December 18, 6-10 pm; original date changed due to a conflict; SRHA was assigned to bring side dishes or desserts; ROCA will provide the main dish; Country Estates will bring drinks and paper goods; Santa is due to arrive at 8:00 pm and will present a wrapped gift to children if prior arrangements are made.

* Ani stated that her article in the Waggler recapped the year; she gave an update on finances; we have made progress on collections; all ads that are under contract and we have attracted new advertisers.

Treasurer’s Report

Saied noted an error; the left side of “Checks & Fees” has seven entries, whereas the right side lists only six amounts; however, the balance is correct. Ani stated that there is $10,550 coming in for the year from committed advertisers.

Committee Reports

Membership (Judi Parker): 310 members, the highest membership that we’ve seen in years.

Drainage (Vince Falletta): The drainage system at the corner of Mustang and Hancock should be completed this month. Town Engineer Clete Saunier is resigning on January 4 and moving to Colorado. For those property owners on the south side of Luray, the Property Appraiser is assessing only a portion (50%) under the power transmission lines, not the entire 330-foot easement. The power-line easement is assessed at a little less than the property can be built on. Our Town Administrator was able to get this changed. The nursery at Sheridan and Volunteer has received a permit from the drainage district. CBWCD has been doing a good job cleaning up the canals.

New Business

Feedback regarding Mustang traffic: Teenagers are blasting through the stop sign at Mustang and Melaleuca and are speeding on Mustang.

Ani noted that at the beginning of 2016, a petition about absent lot owners will be circulated; it will express our desire for the Town to intercede to have the owners clean up unsightly properties. Vice Mayor McKay stated that our Town is pro-active on three items: illegal dumping; illegal fill; overgrowth of residential lots (requiring owners to clear 25 feet around the perimeter of the property).

Nominating Committee: Will consist of Judi, Ruth, and Vilma. Ani noted that SRHA needs new people and fresh ideas. The secretary (Isolde) informed the meeting attendees that, according to our by-laws, “any member desiring to be a candidate for the Board shall give written notice to the Secretary of the Association not less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled election.” Therefore, notice must be given by February 29, 2016.

Vilma is spearheading a community garden effort; Ani and the HOA will back her up in this. It may feed into a future monthly farmers’ market.

Rosina is developing a SWR Bible study.

Call to Action:

* Bring a favorite dish to the Christmas party.

* Serve on the Board.

Ani wished a blessed Hanukkah to our Jewish members, a beautiful Christmas, and a wonderful New Year to all. The best is yet to come.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.


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