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SHRA General Meeting Minutes June 29th, 2016

Vice-President Sandra Farah called the June 29, 2016 meeting of the Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Associations at 7:30, PM, who also led the Pledge of Allegiance. The town council elected officials attending the meeting included Vice Mayor Doug McKay, Council Member Steve Breitkreuz, Council Member Freddy Fisikelli, and Council Member Gary Jablonski. The Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association Board members attending included: Vice-President Sandra Farah, Saied Taie-Tehrani, and David S. Kuczenski, who reported minutes as surrogate secretary as Secretary Isolde Cahill was excused. The membership meeting was attended by sixteen attendees, including board members, association members and guests. The newest association member, Pete Tsoukas, was warmly welcomed by the membership.

Davie police officer, Officer D. Graziadei, presented the law enforcement report beginning with since his last report there were twenty-four motor vehicle crashes and one hundred and eighteen moving violations, and since the beginning of the year there have been one hundred and seventy-two motor vehicle crashes and nine hundred and ninety-four moving violations. Officer Graziadei stated that the membership of the Rolling Oaks Homeowners Association requested a last years’ statistics vis-à-vis this years’ statistics for motor vehicle crashes and moving violations within the jurisdiction of the town. He will bring the same statistics to the next town meeting. The criminal reports during the previous month included a trailer theft, stolen cash money from a safe and stolen golf clubs. He also reported on a barn fire near 14600 Stirling Road. Several attendees expressed concern about vehicles running the stop sign on Mustang Trail at the cross road of Holatee Trail. Officer Graziadei stated that he will seek to increase surveillance of the cross roads. Officer Graziadei wrapped up his monthly report discussing the Civilian Police Academy from September 6 through November 22, 2016, which is targets to heighten awareness to residents as to everything the Davie Police does in protecting our town.

Town Officials:

Council Member Gary Jablonski advised the association of the upcoming vote by the Council on new rental regulations for barn rentals and new regulations for the use of the Town’s Rolling Oaks Barn. Council Member Jablonski further reported that the town will be upgrading the landscaping around the Town’s Rolling Oaks Barn to help insulate surrounding homes from noise generated from use of the Barn. Further, the town has received bids on the striping of the lanes of traffic on Stirling Road which will be voted upon at the July Council meeting. He also reported that the Broward County hazardous materials and shredding documents destruction vehicle will be at the Town’s Rolling Oaks Barn on July 9. Residents are encouraged to bring any hazardous materials, unused paint, electronics, old tires and confidential papers to the Barn for destruction. Councilman Jablonski brought to the association’s attention that a new charter school near Griffin Road and 207th Avenue will be accepting approximately 3000 students beginning this fall. This will result in an estimated 3000 more cars on the west end of Griffin Road twice a day. He reported that our town is taking action to have the adversely affected areas of Griffin Road widened to accommodate the additional traffic.

Council Member Steve Breitkreuz reported that many of our town’s officials approached the commission for the City of Pembroke Pines to address the additional traffic. He stated that it was interesting to him that Broward County set a bright line threshold and if the amount of traffic from the school exceeded that threshold Pembroke Pines would be responsible for improvements in Griffin Road. However, the study commissioned by, appointed by and controlled by the City officials of Pembroke Pines concluded that the additional traffic would be two cars less than the Broward County threshold for required widening. Councilman Breitkreuz stated that our Town’s officials fought the development of the new charter school from the onset; however, since the entire project was controlled by the City officials of Pembroke Pines, there was little that our town could do to oppose those efforts.

Councilman Jablonski addressed the association on the issue of the 1% surtax has been forwarded to the Broward Supervisor of Elections to be placed on the November ballot. He reported the proceeds from the final ballot measure will be broken down for ½ of the tax to be apportioned to Broward County for road improvements and ½ of the proceeds will be apportioned to the municipalities. The caveat for the ballot measure is if one of the initiatives fails, both automatically fail. He concluded that the council is generally opposed to another tax.

In conclusion, Councilman Jablonski announced that the Town will be hosting our annual Fourth of July celebration at the Rolling Oaks Barn on the 4th of July.

President’s Report

Since the President was not present, the Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association President’s report was delivered to the association by Vice-President Sandra Farah, who read the President’s comments as follows:

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report: Due to illness, Judy Parker was unable to be present, and consequently, member Bob Parker reported as designee on the status of the association’s finances. We began the month with approximately $4,700.00, and after expenses amounting to approximately $1,778, the largest being the publication of the Ranch Waggler, the balance at the end of the month is approximately $3,600.00.

Membership Report: Due to illness, Judy Parker was unable to be present, and consequently, member Bob Parker reported as designee on the status of the association’s membership. We added three new members in the past month, raising the total membership to 256 members.

Ranch Waggler: Chairman Saied Taie-Tehrani. The discussion concerned those advertisers who have not yet paid for the advertisements.

Drainage: Vince Faleltta reported no new drainage projects; however, he provided a detailed report concerning the development of 36 acre home sites being sold by the New Testament Baptist Church. Mr. Faletta’s primary concern is that the residents, most importantly, those within the Sunshine Ranches community should oppose any site plan that provides for road access from within the new development that allows anything more than emergency vehicle access to have access to Hancock Road. Mr. Faletta added that the canal along the former New Testament land development on Hancock Road will be moved eastward.

Guest Speaker Tony Massado addressed the association membership about their pending request for a zoning variance for a proposed Fine Arts Auditorium with approximately 1900 seats and additional ten classrooms. Several members asked questions about possible adverse effects. Association Member Darlene Hay complained about the noise that she hears form the athletic field and requested that Mr. Massado speak with anyone with authority to put an end to the loud profanity laced music coming from the athletic filed that she found extremely offensive. While Mr. Massado expressed vocal concern, questioned whether anything would be done to put an end to the offensive rap music.

Councilman Doug McKay addressed the association membership concerning upcoming elections. He stated that he was elected to become the next Mayor without opposition. Further, he reported that the candidates for District 4 seat are Board member David S. Kuczenski, Esq., and Denise Schroeder. He also reported that the candidates for District 3 will include incumbent Freddie Fiskelli and former Fire Advisory Board member Barry Neuzig.

Council Member Steve Breitkreuz reported that election debates moderated by the League of Women Voters will be held five to four weeks before the November election.

Vice-President Sandra Farah adjourned the association meeting at 8:33 PM.

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