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SRHA General Meeting July 26, 2016

Board Members:

Ani Chang -President – Excused Sandra Farah – Vice-president Attendees:Ani Chang -President – Excused Sandra Farah – Vice-president Judy Parker – Treasurer Isolde Cahill – Secretary – Excused Ryan Case – Absent Vilma Lopez Rosina Marrapodi Saied Taie-Tehrani David S. KIuczenski

  • Call to order

Sandra Farah called to order the regular meeting of the Sunshine Ranches HOA at 7:34 pm on July 26, 2016 at Southwest Ranches City Hall.

  • Pledge of Allegiance

Sandra Farah conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Among some residents, the following Commission members were present: Dough Mckay, Steve Britkreuz, Freddy Fizikelli and Gary Jablonski,

  • Council Meeting Recap

Sandra Farah asked resident presents to introduce themselves, then followed the Police report. With the following updates: Year to date 1062 citations, vis 1447 last year. Accidents are up 196 vs 153 last year. Mr. Taie-Tehrani asked about the cameras.

The following is the information from commissioner Jablonski: New roof for the Town - Hall is being completed. Budget is going on right now. - Guardrails: State gave $350,000 and we have to provide match funding for the project. - Contract is being awarded for Stirling Road stripping and signage. Was budgeted at $130,000. The bid came awarded bid came for $40,000, we are running a surplus this year. - Charter School on Griffin west of I-75 is opening on August 27, with expected 2,500 student school. Studies are being conducted on traffic impact, is going to affect traffic in the area. - Griffing Guardrails are Broward county budget - Mr. Kiczenski asked to make the corners of the rails more round, so they don’t harm horses going through. - The Equestrian park is in the budget to have all the irrigation redone.

  • Pending Business

  • Archbishop McCarthy: Mr. Anthony Massaro, is asking for a variance to build a theater for the school of 1,800 sq/ft.The head coach invited the residents to the school meeting for further information on the project that will be held at Archbishop McCarthy High School on August 17, to talk about AMHS.Meeting will start at 6:30 pm.There is a letter in the Waggler about it.

  • As part of Pending Business of the President’s report, there are three major projects that are going on:Oasis at Equestrian Park. Clearing up and landscaping, the Town of Southwest Ranches has committed support and material, the Beautification committee will get volunteers for this project.

  • Farmers Market: Will be starting every first Saturday of each month at the Equestrian Park, starting October. Ani Chang has close to 30 vendors that confirmed participation.The Town offered to help. DRW is advertising in their magazine, cost for participation is $35.00.

  • Community Garden, there are two possible locations to stablish the project.

  • Sandra Farah highlighted the importance of showing price of neighborhood for our city, starting with identify street signs in need of repairs, graffiti and front yards in deferred condition, to start taking action on repair, correct and embellish the city.

  • Treasurer Report: Statement up to date show $3,04.60 Deposit in the amount of $2,135.00 Balance $4,500. Check to Waggler for $1,778. Membership: 262 paid members. Sandra Farah and Judi Parker asked the presents on ideas to get more member involvement.

  • New business

  • A resident of Sunshine Ranches Miguel Shidheh, asked about the project for the 26 acres of land at the intersection of Flamingo and Sheridan, Mr. Mckay followed up with comments on the very early stages of the possibility of any project, there is nothing done, just information and request for feedback from the project owners.Mr. Shidheh considers the project if the city approves will generate noise, and nuisance for the peace of the community.

  • Discussion also about the commercial project in our rural residential community.

  • Adjournment

Sandra Farah adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Vilma Lopez

Minutes approved by:

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