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SRHA General Meeting December 7, 2016

President Ani Ruiz Chang called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm and noted two new attendees.

Transportation Surface Drainage Ongoing Rehabilitation (TSDOR) Project Update by Town Engineer Rod Ley Presentation by Jim Noth with Erdman Anthony:

  • Mill and resurface Appaloosa and Melaleuca south of Stirling.

  • 18 feet are needed to accommodate two-way traffic; both Appaloosa and Melaleuca are greater than 18 feet.

  • Reconstruct 56th Street, 128th Avenue, and 130th Avenue.

  • Shallow drainage swales will be installed.

  • Roads drain toward swales rather than toward canals; pitching toward canals may erode canal banks and ultimately undercut the roads and wash them out.

  • Project will start in May 2017 and take approximately 12 weeks to complete.

  • Now a 25-year, rather than a 20-year, project.

Update on Town Events and Projects by Councilman Gary Jablonski

  • Important meeting tomorrow in Council Chambers regarding land use on US27 and Griffin; involves Town’s committees; quasi-judicial regarding properties being split up (Bonaventure Boulevard and Griffin).

  • Noted that the traffic signals at the intersection of Weston Road and Griffin have been changed and lanes have been reconfigured.

Treasurer’s Report (Judi Parker)

The balance as of December 7 is $1,211.86. We have one new member, so we are up to 272.

Committee Reports

Sunshine (Rachel Greene): Has been ill and is recovering.

Drainage (Vince Falletta): The Town’s Drainage Committee instituted a change in the criteria regarding bridges and culverts; culverts may be used if the head loss is within a certain percentage.

Beautification: Ani reported that the landscaping for the Flamingo and Stirling entryway has been installed; beginning in January, the SRHA will be paying monthly to maintain the entryways.

Waggler (Ani): Long-time advertisers have been taking the publication for granted and have not been paying on a timely basis. The Board has been discussing options to make the Waggler more sustainable, such as obtaining prices from other printing companies.

Unfinished Business

Sober Homes: Ani has written a letter which will be mailed to all property owners with the annual dues invoice; this letter will need to be signed and mailed to the proper authority. Rachel stated that there is a Sober Home two doors west of her; her neighbor is livid and complained to the Town; the owner of the Sober Home said that he would erect a fence between the two properties. Ani declared that we need to keep from being overrun by these homes and would like the list of providers from Judi in order to invite them to speak at one of our meetings.

New Business

Nominating and Election Committees (Ani): Rosina is completing three years on the Board of Directors, and Ani will resign as President effective March 31, 2017; Sandra would like to resign as Vice-President and fill Rosina’s board position. Ani volunteered Pepe Chang to serve on the Nominating Committee and also requested Rose Williams to serve on the Committee. Bob Parker and George Kailis volunteered for the Election Committee.

Presentation of Proclamation (Ani): The Board voted to give Vince an honorary seat on the Board of Directors for life. Ani read the Proclamation and presented it to Vince. Vince thanked everyone and said that he is sorry that Ani and Pepe will be leaving.

Ani invited all attendees to partake of the refreshments. “Enjoy and have a blessed Christmas and New Year.”

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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