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Message from the President - December 2020

It is December, the holidays are upon us, and a new year will soon arrive. May I say, “Thank you.” To my parents, who, in the mid-60s, purchased our property, giving me and my sister a wonderful place to call home, I say, “Thank you.”

To our outgoing council members, Doug McKay, Dee Schroeder, and Delsa Amundson, I also say, “Thank you.” You gave of your time, expertise, and heart. To our new mayor, Steve Breitkreuz, and councilmen, Jim Allbritton and David Kuczenski, I say, “Thank you.”

The November 19th council meeting was exceptional. Along with council members Hartmann and Jablonski, you have started addressing (and in some instances solved) pressing issues: ­re tax, drainage, large animal relocation during storms, goals for 2021, etc. Our newly elected state representative, Robin Bartleman, was in attendance providing support.

To the Sunshine Ranches Executive Board and Directors, I say, “Thank you.” Your support of David’s work as president, town events, and resident welfare has been unwavering. We will appoint an election committee (per the by laws) this month at our Zoom meeting (date TBA),

as the March elections will soon arrive. I hope you will consider running for re-election so we may continue our positive work.

To our Sunshine Ranches residents… “Thank you.” You have been amazing in your support of town events and fundraisers, voiced your concerns on issues which would have adverse effects on our community, and rallied behind individuals who have our best interests at heart.

Please do not stop here…consider helping the SRHOAby volunteering, writing for the Waggler, posting an ad, or serving the town by applying to one of several advisory boards.

Pioneers, yes, Pioneers, our beautiful plaques will be installed soon. If we missed your inclusion, please contact us, as this is easily remedied.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Toast to a new start and a new year. Enjoy the love of family. Remember to say, “Thank you.”

With love,

Chris Brownlow


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