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Message from the President - February 2023

Current News and Updates:

If you would like to host the DPD flashing traffic

sign on your swale, please notify the Town. They will help you coordinate with the department.

Thank you to the Broward Delegation for their continued efforts to curb fireworks displays in our equestrian community.

Thank you to Lori Parrish, Bob Parker, and Hernan Linares for serving as the SRHOA 2023 Nominating Committee. Please note our bylaws: “Any Member desiring to be a candidate for the Board shall give written notice to the Secretary of the Association not less than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled election.” The 2023 slate reflects two new candidates: Nicole Alluin and Jonathan Pirie.

Our sincere thanks to both Judi Parker and Sally Brokken for their unwavering dedication, and many years of service, to the SRHOA.

The 2023 Election Committee consists of the following residents: Geoff Cohen, Wendi Halberg, and James Starkweather. Elections will take place on March 29th.

Thank you to our own Councilman Kuczenski for his monthly articles. We appreciate the work you are doing for the community.

We live in an amazing area with abundant environmental gifts. As a result of development, Florida's wildlife and human populations encounter each other more than ever before, and the circumstances which create conflicts with wildlife are as varied as the environment of Florida itself. As people develop more open space and wildlife habitat is reduced and fragmented, conditions are often created which attract wildlife. Such contacts between people and wildlife often result in conflicts. Understanding wildlife behavior can help you appreciate and coexist while reducing negative impacts. The FWC is here to help. Please visit the following link to learn more.

Community events:

Please attend/support the “Love My Pony Fun Horse Show” on February 11th, 9 AM, at Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park.

The SWR Farmers’ Market continues to run each Saturday at Green Meadows Sanctuary. Come and support our local vendors and artisans.

Stay Connected:

Support Southwest Ranches’ Certified Community Habitat status by certifying your own backyard through the National Wildlife Federation’s backyard habitat program…it is easy, plus you may purchase and proudly display a certification sign. Go to today to certify.

Mayor Breitkreuz’s “Q & A with Mayor Breitkreuz” occurs on the second Wednesday of the month. Please join Steve for an informal discussion pertaining to your concerns.

Remember, the Council meets face-to-face at Town Hall on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Occasionally, dates may change. Please check the Southwest Rancher and/or for meeting dates, times, and agendas. Internet viewing is also an option, just go to your YouTube connection and type “Town of Southwest Ranches Official Channel.”

Please stay connected…join our SRHOA Gmail (, visit our website (, or view our posts at

As always be safe, be happy, and be loved.



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