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Message from the President - July 2021

Birthday of the Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, announcing the colonies’ separation from Great Britain.

Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association (SRHOA) is my HOA…it is your HOA…it is OUR HOA. As many of you know, I have grown up here, so it is not only my home, but my community. I know a lot of wonderful, wonderful people. It is this sense of community which is the foundation of our HOA, a 50+ year association! When you become a member, or renew your membership, you are part of this community. The SRHOA officers and executive board have excellent relationships with the Town’s staff and council, as well as the Davie Police Department. It is these relationships, and commitment to community, which allow us to effectively address your concerns, solve your problems, and provide the information you need without delay. Several residents within our HOA volunteer on Town boards, thus strengthening the input toward policy decisions affecting residents. Monthly membership meetings provide one-on-one discussions with our/your councilmen…there is no “two-minute warning.” The SRHOA publication, The Waggler, is a respected (and coveted) magazine in which residents provide informative articles and share family news, and vital town-related information is conveyed.

So, you may wonder, why this lengthy opening? I/we wish to see all of you as members, whether new or returning, and for you to see the value of membership. My family has held membership in the SRHOA for several decades, as have many others. More of a civic group than homeowner association, our commitment is to community, safety and well-being of our residents (their families and animals), and the preservation of a beautiful rural lifestyle surrounded by nature. Yearly dues are only $50. Each residence is entitled to two votes per household on all motions and major decisions as designated by the SRHOA.


As we enter July, we look forward to celebrating the 4th with family and friends. As a courtesy to our agricultural community, please be observant of the noise ordinance and respectful of the impact of fireworks on pets and livestock. The Town will post its holiday signs as a friendly reminder. Have fun, be safe, and take good care of our animal companions.

Mayor Breitkreuz’s July “Q & A with Mayor Steve Breitkreuz” will be on July 14th. Please join Steve’s Zoom meeting to enjoy a relaxed and collegial discussion concerning events and needs of the Southwest Ranches community.

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program (FFL) has a new campaign for 2021: Hire Florida-Friendly. This initiative will empower homeowners by teaching them how to determine whether their landscape professional follows FFL-based best management practices. The statewide outreach campaign will feature a TV public service announcement, radio spots, a website and social media posts that highlight the benefits of hiring Florida-Friendly landscape professionals. The website has general guidelines on what to look for when hiring a landscape professional, recommended certifications and a checklist of questions to ask when hiring a landscape professional. The guidelines and checklist are intended to augment the messages of the Hire Florida-Friendly campaign and help homeowners make informed decisions about their landscape service needs.

Please stay connected…join our SRHOA Gmail (, visit our website or view our posts at

As always be safe, be happy, and be loved.

Chris Brownlow


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