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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - July 28, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 PM by President Christina Brownlow, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris welcomed all and reminded everyone that this is the last Zoom event. Next month’s meeting will be on Wednesday, August 25th, at Town Hall, and Davie Police Dept. will be there with an educational session on home security. We will have refreshments and a raffle and want to encourage people to come.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales provided an update for June: issued 112 citations, 53 in Sunshine Ranches. We didn’t have any reported crimes (burglary, thefts, etc.). This was an improvement over previous months, and he encouraged residents to LOCK car doors and turn on the lights at night, and reminded all not to leave key fobs in cars! Also, a reminder of the Davie Vacation Watch service, whereby residents can advise Davie Police of vacation schedules in order for officers to keep a watch over the property. Two board members used this service and were extremely satisfied with the attention provided by the Police Department.

Town Council Member Comments:

Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: Council meeting tomorrow, please join. Thanked the Town for input on 9-11 event.

Councilman Gary Jablonski reviewed various items that are in the works: 2.5 miles are on the agenda for repaving; generators were installed at Fire Station; guard rails on Hancock - $375K funded by the state; Coronavirus personal protection equipment for personnel - $50K fund. He will take up a request that a board member had re monitoring of the canals by Central Broward Drainage district.

Councilman Bob Hartmann encouraged residents to come to the Budget hearings. Advised that Broward County is no longer doing the flyover mosquito sprays, only the groundwork for fogging via truck.

Council member David Kuczenski spoke about Covid-19 numbers rising and wants more folks to get vaccine. ICU numbers at Memorial West have increased four-fold. We will have a new mural at Founders Park (Flamingo and Griffin by CVS). Also, our two entrance ways (Flamingo & Stirling, Hancock & Griffin) will be repainted before we put up the new plaques. If you like the current color, please come out to the next meeting. Chris said that we would also want to keep them the same color, and we will write the board. August 16 town hall meeting – will discuss and vote on it.

Jim Albritton: Thank you for Rural Arts Board and the First Responders event.

Jason Halberg, VP, provided a request for consideration regarding the annual year-end HOA meeting: We have decided to do a December 12 meeting for that Holiday meeting. We will have fun family and pet events, including a petting zoo, raffle basket, etc. Will invite the Council, Davie Police, Volunteer Fire trucks, etc. Made motion to have $2000 budget for event and got quorum.

Chris, President, gave update. Showed the Waggler for August and Southwest Ranches Town website. You can see the agenda there. Went over some of the ordinances. Council also was so responsive to our request for fireworks and animals. Come and be heard! You are residents and tax-paying citizens!!

Treasurer’s report: Balance $20,566.64 as of June 1.

Finally, a resident requested to put up signs to Slow Down and for speed limits. We need to protect our equestrian community. Chris asked council how to request help/signs/ direction. Mayor Steve suggested putting in a motion, which was passed, stating that Sunshine Ranches HOA is requesting additional signage related to speed limits, mitigating speeding, and informing motorists that they are entering an equestrian community.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.


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