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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - June 30, 2021

The meeting opened at 7:30. DaNell D’Alfonso gave the Pledge.

DPD reported 197 citations written for SWR…109 in Sunshine Ranches alone! These occurred mostly along Stirling, Luray, and Volunteer. So far, June has recorded 96 citations. The Chief has specifically requested DPD discuss/repeat the importance of locking car doors. Why? 14 vehicle burglaries have occurred in 8-9 days! How else can we express the importance of locked vehicles?? Folks are leaving valuables and firearms inside their cars, and the thieves are getting these. Councilman Allbritton mentioned cases of windows being smashed in order to get to belongings. DPD has a hotline for fireworks…remember, there are only three legal days (July 4th, December 31st & January 1st). Marianne Allen thanked DPD for everything they are doing!

Mayor Breitkreuz mentioned the Council resolution to oppose a north-bound turn signal at Sheridan and Volunteer. The Town thought the issue dead, but it has resurfaced. Davie’s position is neutral. He is meeting with Ivanhoe to discuss our position (he has spoken to the Ivanhoe commissioner). Chris said to make her phone number available to the neighboring Davie HOA’s if necessary. Jason recommends we send letters to the HOA presidents. We must reach out as soon as possible.

The mayor is planning a 9/11 20th anniversary memorial in partnership with the HOA’s. Marianne recommended a candlelight vigil at one of the parks.

Jason mentioned Wellington’s ban on fireworks…could we pursue? Michelle McBride concurs…helmet laws when horse riding began with the work of one person.

Vice-mayor Hartmann asked Chris if she has heard of any coyote issues in her area. She has not at this point. Regarding Waste Pro, he has spoken with managers and drivers per issues concerning pick-up and debris piles (the contract expires next year). Alina (resident) asked if the pile size could be adjusted (could result in higher fees); Sally (board member) mentioned the hole on 136th which is at least 2 feet deep! Also, per the canals, she asked who is responsible for keeping them free of debris and flowing. He concluded with reminding folks of the July 13th First Responders Photoshoot, whether working or retired, (if weather’s bad, then second date: 20th, third date: 27th). The event will include fire trucks, police vehicles, the mounted units, doctors, nurses, etc.

Councilman Allbritton thanks the HOAs and is looking forward to August for face-to-face meetings once again. DPD was made aware of the anti-Semitic vandalism at Equestrian Park. He wished all a great Fourth of July (his entire family will be down). Please be respectful of your neighbors while celebrating.

Councilman Kuczenski is feeling better following his surgery. He is upset to see the turn signal issue return as he thought it was resolved. Per the last legislative session, any reports of code violations will no longer be anonymous. He offered his cell as necessary (305.815.0990). The scholarship fundraising exceeded expectations this year…all 13 recipients will receive $2,500 each! David discussed the fire fee assessment. He reiterated SRHOA support of the volunteer firefighters. He would like to see the HOA get the t-shirts printed (cost were approved during his tenure as president). Let’s get the entryways painted before installing the new plaques. Call DPD should you suspect illegal fireworks usage.

Chris read Councilman Jablonski’s monthly report.

Marianne Allen is concerned over fire fees and requests further negotiating. She is not happy with bulk service/mess. Could the Comp Board consider more equestrian signage for our area?

Sally Broken mentioned issues with a concrete wall being constructed near her home on Holatee: painters are trespassing onto her property, and the construction is affecting the drive. She called the Town several times, but is yet to be called back. Bob asked if she had a return call from Julio (no). Steve mentioned the look of the wall must be nice on both sides, and must meet final inspection, but Code can do something in the meantime. She should have had a response to her call. Please call Rod. Per the trespassing, the Town cannot do anything, but she has the right to tell them to stay off her property, and she has the right to call DPD.

Jason Halberg discussed our Facebook campaigns and membership drive: currently, we are at 228 members (last year at this time it was 335); Facebook has grown from 160-300 followers! He shared our new membership letter/flyer. He has uploaded the database of new members…Vilma has new memberships pending and Judi reported six more as well. Advertisers have been submitting new payments.

Judi gave the treasurer’s report: the balance for both April 30th and May 31st remains at $20,566.64.


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