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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - September 29, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 PM by President Christina Brownlow, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris welcomed everyone. Next month’s meeting will be on Wednesday, October 27th via Zoom.

Ms. Ivonne Perez-Suarez, Consumer Outreach Coordinator, Education and Outreach, Division of Consumer Services, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, was our guest speaker and gave an informational presentation on fraud and how to be protected from scams. Did you know that scammers cheat seniors out of approximately $2.9 billion annually? Some tips: Don’t give out personal information, don’t pay with a wire transfer or gift cards, don’t rely on caller ID displays, and ignore unsolicited offers. Florida Consumer e-Newsletters and other materials are available for us to be informed. is the State’s clearinghouse for consumer complaints.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales provided an update for August: issued 133 citations, 59 in Sunshine Ranches. August year to date figures: Commercial burglaries: 5 this year vs. 6 Last Year (LY); commercial thefts: 2 vs. 2 LY; motor vehicle burglaries: 23 vs. 55 LY; motor vehicle thefts: 13 vs. 15 LY. Officer Laguna encouraged all, “DON’T BE COMPLACENT!!” All of the car thefts were due to the key fobs being left in the cars! Please remove the key fobs from your cars and lock your vehicles!!

Town Council Member Comments:

Mayor Steve Breitkreuz highlighted an item that the Town has been working on for about 4 years and got completed last week: New commercial retail business will no longer be allowed to open up any more in our town. This will preserve our rural lifestyle, reduce traffic, and not allow residential homes to be used as businesses, among other things.

HOA Pres. Chris thanked the Mayor for a lovely event on 9/11. She advised that we will be highlighting the Pirie family that is cleaning up sections of the town out of their own kindness and community service. Chris asked about the Charter review. Mayor stated that this is not something we do often, since this is basically our constitution as a town. We have a good committee which is important, and Chris advised that there will be further info in The Waggler for residents to review the info.

David Kuczenski, Councilman said: “If you see something, report it!!” There was an issue that he experienced regarding illegal dumping on a property this evening. He also encouraged folks to participate in the food drop off for Haiti in the Town. David gave an update on the bidding for some of the road work that will be resurfaced. Also working on a speeding committee advisory board to address the speeding in our area.

Jason Halberg, VP, announced our December 12 event to be held at the Equestrian Park to bring the residents together. It will be from 1-3 pm and will be super fun for the kids and all the residents! We will have T-shirts for all members, food, music, a petting zoo including ponies, and the police and fire departments will be there as well!

Update on entryway signs: we have a company that will be updating and painting the signs. This is some of the ways that our HOA funds get put to use (in addition to the December neighbor event). Additionally, we will want to use some of our funds to also contribute to the Scholarship fund.

Treasurer’s report: Balance $30,834.74 as of July 31.

Membership report: We had an additional 11 members this month, total members are 319! To note, 19 members have paid double the fee and one member paid $450! Vilma acknowledged and thanked the council members, Mayor and board for their commitment to the Town.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM.


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