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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - October 26, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice President Jason Halberg, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. During his welcome, he introduced Andy Berns as the Town Administrator and how he was seeking input from the community relating to the proposed wall item. Jason further clarified that the HOA would not be taking any position on this item and that if any board member wanted to comment, it would be based on their personal views and not as a board member.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales provided an update for October and continued to emphasize that almost all break-ins, car thefts are due to vehicles being unlocked. Please remove the key fobs from your cars and lock your vehicles!!

Jason introduced George Morris, who works with PHI, for a discussion. Owner wants to put a wall on his property, with a gate, “standard” on 14500 Luray Rd. He would like permission to put the wall 10 feet closer to the canal. Currently, the right of way from center of canal to property is 40 ft. Builder/owner is seeking permission to put wall 30 ft instead of 40, and wants approval. Mr. Morris shared screen shot. Jason said that the HOA doesn’t have a say, however members do. Jason invited Andy Berns, Town Administrator, about the process of the Town to make changes. Andy advised that he was concerned about Central Broward canal access, which is ok, but it could change the aesthetics of the town. MIW request, which is unusual. Other requests could follow, so Andy wanted to put it before the community. Usually gets 6-8 per year, and they are typically landscaping related. Jason opened up for comments. Ed Gonzalez: if other neighbors already have fences, that means that if the road is to be extended, all would have to do it. Marianne Allen lives on Mustang and Appaloosa; she is not in favor and would ride horses on that swale. The current fences have prevented this. This is not the way the town has worked, and she is against giving privileges. She has a 30-foot easement and the horses love running on it. There is a trail on Luray on that side of the canal. James Starkweather: no problem. Saied had questions: how tall is the wall, and did they have a permit for the columns? Wall will be 7 feet. Fred Cox said that this is a variance and that there is no hardship. Should be consistent with current rules not 1960s, ‘70s. This is public property and he is not in favor to give it away. Michele McBride agrees that it is important to have consistency of the rules for everyone else making improvements. Have to be fair and play by the rules. DaNell D’Alonso: if there is erosion on the canal, when does it become more of an issue?

Mr. Parker made a motion to donate $1500 to education fund for SWR. David Kuczenski seconded. Passed.

Item regarding the entrance walls: A company will pressure clean and paint the signs gratis. Jason requested a motion for up to $350 toward the supplies for the project. Ed Gonzalez seconded. Passed unanimously. We have to take a vote on the motions, and we have a quorum for a vote.

Town Council Member Comments:

Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at Waste Pro contract, which ends Sept. 2022. There have been numerous issues with WP services. Findings are that these are issues that are not unique to So FL, FL, and USA. Labor shortage issues, so they are having a tough time meeting their obligations. Looking for best solutions to the town for our service. Plan to build a contract that will be attractive to other vendors to bid for our work. Wants town’s feedback for contract items that are key. Recycling is an issue, do we continue to pay extra, when we know it is not being recycled? Bulk pick-up? Trucks with automatic and standard trucks? Best way to reach the mayor is by email, since emails can be logged and recorded. Otherwise, the Mayor’s phone is 954-296-6018.

Vice Mayor Hartmann talked about pilot from December on license plate readers. It has been successful, and council will look into expanding the program, since it can help crime. Plan to place 27 cameras within the town and this will go into decision at 10/28 meeting. Will put together a policy - only police department will have access. Stolen cars and stolen plates are the main interest, not being like Big Brother. Should be in by early 2022.

David Kuczenski, Councilman: Road servicing and drainage project is up for consideration by the council; 90% Sunshine Ranches roads. Also highlighted the “bale of hay” Halloween contest. There are 3 prizes for winners.

Gary Jablonski had public works update, specifically drainage projects and storm water projects, as well as roadway maintenance contract for potholes, which will be rebid. Town Hall remains open daily until noon, and hours should be expanded soon. Town has contracted Urgent Med to do Covid tests, with results within 24 hours, plus vaccinations and boosters, all free. He urged all to attend the SOFLO Chili Fest on Dec. 4, and the Holiday lights contest, plus the party at the park event on December 12.

Jim Allbritton said that all the signs have been taken away. He wants to ask permission from homeowners in Green Meadows to have the canals cleaned by Broward County. Also wants to get Green Meadows to join in as an HOA.

Jason Halberg reminded all about the Party at the Park. We are hosting this for the community, not just the members. We will have a really brief HOA meeting as well. Announced our December 12 event to be held at Equestrian Park to bring the residents together. It will be from 1-3 pm and will be super fun for the kids and all the residents! We will have T-shirts for all members, food, music, a petting zoo including ponies, and the police and fire departments will be there as well!

Treasurer’s report: Balance of $32,079.98 as of 9/30/21 after all payments in September.

Membership report: We had an additional 5 members this month, total members are 336!

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56 PM.


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