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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - December 9th, 2020

• Meeting started at 7:35pm on Wednesday, December 9th,

2020, and a quorum was confirmed. President Chris Brownlow

commented on the proposed U-Turn/left turn traffic change

at Sheridan and SW 148 Avenue. A motion was made by Tony

Browne and seconded by Bob Parker opposing the above

modification which would present potential traffic issues. This

motion was approved unanimously.

• Officer Elliot, Salston and Jeff provided police report: 47

citations, enforcement of speeding on Griffin Road as bicycles

are increasing, as well as cars broken into on Old Sheridan Street.

It was further recommended to be careful when shopping. Also

mentioned was the “Drive Slow in the Ranches” campaign.

• Mayor Steve Breitkreuz was pleased with the number of

residents who applied to volunteer on the Town’s Advisory

Boards for this year. He also commented on the issue relating

to noise and the direction needed to mitigate, especially at the

end of the year celebrations. He also talked in depth about the

comprehensive advisory board on their current discussions

to protect our community from developers and suggesting

additional protection measures.

• Council member Jim Albritton commented on starting civic

associations which would include Green Meadows, Rolling

Oaks and/or Country Estates.

• Jason Halberg commented on the timing it takes to repair

potholes. Mayor Breitkreuz then commented on the process/

logistics on how the Town gets the potholes repaired.

• Christine shared who would be on the Nominating Committee

for the upcoming HOA Board Elections in March: Lori Parrish,

Rose Williams, and Bob Parker. She also commented about the

new names added to the plaques.

• Lori Parrish asked the Board, Mayor and Council Members,

who were present, for a new vision opposing commercial

development, except agricultural, and for maintaining our rural

lifestyle. Lori also mentioned that the town residents voted in

support of the 5-0 amendment. Lori further shared some concerns

regarding the recent Council’s appointments to the Advisory

Boards. She stated that the Council should only appoint those

who support our rural lifestyle and represent the respective

views of that Council Member.

• Treasurer reported $24,009.33 in the bank

• Membership 232 members

• Vilma, Jason and Tony will work on QuickBooks options for

membership to be paid online. Christine, Judi and Vilma will

contact advertisers for renewals.

• Lori will help with the list of new owners in the Sunshine

Ranches boundaries to have the membership list updated.

• Meeting adjourned at 9 o’clock.


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