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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - February 24, 2021

The general HOA meeting started at 7:36 pm. President Christina Brownlow opened the meeting with police reports from Officer Salston and Officer Elliot: 18 citations and 2 crimes with golf carts; mailbox theft. Again, they reiterated along with officer Laguna to lock the cars, doors, garages, secure golf carts, and prevent mail theft by using the boxes with locks. If a resident doesn’t call a plumber or electrician, even if an FPL person shows up or calls, find out if it is legit in order to avoid contractor fraud.

The Town purchased a laser, and officer Christy mentioned using it; Council Member Allbritton mentioned the laser works amazingly well. An FDLE grant was used to purchase the laser.

Mayor Steve Breitkreuz proposed getting a mail box installed at Town Hall; there is also one available for residents at Publix. Tony mentioned the link the HOA page has for lockboxes.

Council Member David Kuczenski reported on roads to be resurfaced under the TSDOR project: SW 128, 130, 132, Lupo (Griffin), Holatee from Stirling to Old Sheridan; the County is reviewing the classification.

Council Member Jablonski reported on the Green Meadows project from DEP; the Town was awarded funds for additional projects on drainage. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO) awarded a 20-million-dollar grant with $0 dollars from the Town for a storm water plan for the entire Town.

TSDOR (Transportation Surface Drainage & Ongoing Rehabilitation) projects in the Town are continuing. Flow mobile remains suspended. The Town has a shoe box which is to be used for dropping off used or new shoes, which will be recycled for people with needs, charities, etc. Ring cameras are easy to jam, and the easiest way to know that they are jammed is when they stop ringing or monitoring.

Mayor Breitkreuz mentioned the quasi-judicial process in 3 areas: rezoning, site plan, division of land. In the next 10 years, 500 homes are projected for the entire Town. We have in the Town two types of zoning: Rural Estates and Rural Ranches. On the Town’s website, information can be found on the waiver of plats, which can be done only once. Look for property designations at the BCPA for the Town site. The Mayor also proposed a change for specifically rezoning rural and ranch estates. Rezoning only to lower density with 2 acres minimum will help protect the rural space.

Residents can make reservations at CVS for COVID-19 vaccinations; reserve even if you are not ready yet because when it comes, you are at the top of the list.

Council Member Hartmann sent a PDF link for zoning which he also posted on the FB page. Mayor Breitkreuz invited everyone for a meeting on 2/25 at 6 pm for a presentation. He also advised to prepare for a storm of a large magnitude, things we can do to improve, options for animals; they had a group of professionals and drainage districts to respond to questions.

Mr. Kuczenski and Mr. Breitkreuz mentioned a Town survey that is covering a lot of issues and questions for the residents to respond to.

SRHOA president Chris Brownlow thanked the council members and the mayor for their responses to the issues brought before them, and we are very much appreciative of their support in addressing concerns. She also introduced the 2021 slate of officers and the two new candidates for the Board who introduced themselves: Patty and DaNell; they are most welcome.

Mr. Jason Halberg lost his father; we offered our condolences. He also reiterated to focus on communication, FB, events. Treasury reported $19,751.66; also reported about issues with mail.

The meeting ended at 9:05 pm. Next meeting will be on April 28; March is election month for the new board, and residents are encouraged to vote. It will be drive-by only, with no contact, to elect the new board.


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