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SHRA General Meeting Minutes - January 27, 2021

The general HOA meeting started at 7:35 pm with HOA president Chris Brownlow welcoming the attendees. Officers Elliot and Jeff commented on homes on the vacation watch program; check your cars to make sure the fobs are not close by in order to secure the car. They spoke about crime prevention through environmental design. The officers also commented on surveys on houses and the app Safer Watch.

Jason shared the video on the vacation watch program. Council Member Allbritton mentioned the “Vacation Watch” service and also spoke about his campaign signs made in white and green.

Kathy Sullivan spoke about the Scholarship program and thanked the HOA for the $1,000 gift.

Mayor Breitkreuz invited all to attend the council meetings, especially the meeting to be held on Jan. 28th. Council Member Hartmann commented on the different HOA boards in our town and the participation needed in publishing the Waggler.

Council Member Gary Jablonski gave the presentation related to drainage: Green Meadows project, Dykes Rd., SW 202nd, SW 50th and 182nd, as well as 199th. Also, the drainage grant pending from Broward County. Storm water master plan $250 thousand grant from FDA, to give direction and prioritize on storm water. TSDOR construction on its way. Pending agreement with Broward TSDOR $2.2 million FDLE grant.

Council Member David Kuczenski spoke about speeding issues and stricter dark skies ordinance.

Mrs. Marnette Wegmann presented to the people attending the meeting her concerns about nuisance for new construction and development. She specifically mentioned the Hancock and Luray property; Mayor Breitkreuz informed all about having their hands tied but are trying to work something out. Lori Parrish proposed that the appraiser deny agricultural exemption and are ready to file suit. Mr. George Cailis considers that if only the owner of that piece of property would stop dumping loads and stop the abuse.

Chris shared the condolences to Ms. Lauretano, administrator Russell who lost his brother, Jeff who lost also a family member.

Justin also suggested installing speed bumps. There was a garden proposal by Lori Parrish.

The meeting ended at 9 pm. Next HOA meeting will be on February 24th via zoom.


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