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SRHA General Meeting Minutes February 28, 2024

Our February Homeowners Association meeting was very special for many reasons. It was held at Geoff Cohen’s and Lori Parrish’s home, and we had some special agenda items, including thanking some of our out-going board members for their years of service to the Board and the community. It was wonderful to be together to celebrate our Town on this great evening in February!

President Christina Brownlow called the meeting to order at around 7:05 pm and welcomed all the residents. She thanked Geoff and Lori for receiving us at their lovely home for the meeting. Chris expressed a heartfelt thank you to Jason Halberg for all his work through these years. Jason has served as Vice President of the Board, and most recently as Treasurer, and he will be stepping down this spring after the elections. He will be greatly missed, and Jonathan Pirie will be taking the role of treasurer from now on. Pres. Chris also introduced and welcomed MaiLin Beckman, who will be a new board member this year. MaiLin is the owner of an equestrian ranch on Melaleuca.

And, in the continued spirit of celebration, Chris again congratulated our neighbor Bob Parker for his 90th birthday!! Wishing him more to come!! We all said the Pledge of Allegiance as usual.

Officer Eddy Gonzalez of Davie Police Department gave us very good news since burglary and citations had decreased this month. One neighbor suggested we would get speed bumps on different streets of our neighborhood since speeding keeps being a problem on our streets. All the neighbors agreed we have to look for solutions since it’s not very safe to walk around anymore, unfortunately. Mayor Steve recommended to take a survey, and our Town Vice President David Kuczenski explained that in order to have speed bumps, it is required to add guardrails, so it’s something to consider. Our neighbor Carlos Martinez suggested to put additional stop signs, which might be easier and faster on different streets, specifically on Appaloosa, so it’s pending to find out the cost of this.

Further, we had an update on Zero Waste. The new advisory board is forming. Efforts are underway to stop incinerator; we all are aware of how this would affect our environment, our house values and much more.

Also, Lori encouraged to keep dark skies, something that our Mayor explained we already have and maintained. She motioned for more proactivity, and it was approved by a majority of the members present.

Other updates of events in our town were provided: The Barn dance tickets are all sold out. The 5K Run is coming up, and this helps raise money for our scholarship fund. The Water Matters event is on Saturday, March 9, and it’s important to go and support. And finally, the Chess challenge at the end of the month; no experience is necessary, let’s go and have some fun!

Marianne Allen, our neighbor, was very grateful to our Mayor, councilman Jim Allbritton and the Davie PD on how they took into hands and managed the protesters in our area.

There will be no meeting in March, since the elections will take place that day. Please drop off your ballots at Town Hall on Wednesday, March 27.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 24 at 7 pm. 


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