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SRHA General Meeting Minutes JANUARY 25, 2022

Vice President DaNell welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM. Detective Hobales led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Davie Police: Detective Hobales reported that, for the year in SWR, we had 1384 citations. Davie had 2200. In December there were 81 citations in Sunshine Ranches, 24 burglaries of which 90%+ were from unlocked vehicles, 13 felony arrests. We have 13 officers assigned to SWR, plus 1 detective and 1 police service coordinator. Residents are also encouraged to use Neighbors app as a way to express information.

Council updates: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz: Drainage committee has been working on fill issues, and it’s a work in progress. He said that the Council appreciates the community’s feedback over the past months. This month’s Council meeting will cover the dog ordinance, and the Council would like residents’ input. Also, there will be a presentation on the coyotes, and Mayor is open to ideas. Lori Parrish congratulated the Mayor for the designation of the town as a butterfly sanctuary.

President Chris acknowledged Sally Brokken and Judi Parker and their contributions to the Board over all the years of their service.

Vice Mayor Jim Allbritton said that the traffic flashing light speed indicators have promoted awareness on speeding and asked for suggestions for locations for the speed indicator trailers. The Council suggested getting some fixed traffic signs as well. He requested for folks to send email addresses to him to invite to Town meetings.

Councilperson David Kuczenski talked about the vicious dog ordinance. Some tweaks have been made to address this issue. He does not agree with breed-specific, since it can depend on training. David wants to provide the vendors of the Farmers’ Market additional recognition since this is such a great addition to our town.

Gary Jablonski gave his update on the various public works projects that are underway.

Several comments and questions were brought up by board members and residents to the Council and to Lori Parrish, who was in attendance.

Lori Parrish asked for a token of appreciation to be given to Sally Brokken and Judy Parker for their service, and she will be willing to host the reception.

Jason Halberg shared some feedback received about making our meetings more efficient for 2023. We want to keep the meeting on topic and focus on key issues, including providing Council updates that are specific to Sunshine Ranches. He asked Ed Gonzalez to give an update on the drainage board regarding fill. Jason asked if Ed Gonzalez, who currently sits on the SWR’s drainage advisory board, could extend the HOA’s wishes and be our voice on that board by pushing for stiffer penalties for fill violations (such as having to remove the fill upon violations), especially when it involves level 3 fill permits which are typically done by contractors/experts who clearly know our town’s rules.

Carlos Martinez gave an update on the 40-acre parcel of land by the church at Hancock and Griffin. Carlos explained that the Marc Fisher deal fell through due to specific comments made by Council Member Jablonski during the November 30, 2022, SRHA meeting, as well as a lack of agreement on contract pricing and terms. Mr. Martinez further explained that he is still considering developing the property into 2.5-acre residential home sites that would be compatible with the Sunshine Ranches community as he originally presented.

Treasurer’s report: balance as of December 31, 2022, $26,529.98.

We plan to streamline the meetings going forward in 2023 to make them more efficient.

The next meeting will be on February 22 at 7:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


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