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SRHA General Meeting Minutes February 22, 2023

President Christina Brownlow welcomed everyone to the meeting which was held at the special location of Lori Parrish and Geoff Cohen’s lovely home. In addition to having our board meeting, the highlight of the evening was to celebrate Judi Parker’s and Sally Brokken’s contributions to our community and SRHOA board. The two are retiring from the board after over 25 years of service.

Davie Police reviewed the stats for January. There were two reports provided: The first was for an unlocked signal 10 with the key fob left inside of the vehicle, which was located abandoned in Miami. The other incident was for a possible criminal mischief to a residence window. Both incidents appeared to be isolated. Additionally, there were over 100 extra watches completed for the month, and residents were reminded of these initiatives by Davie Police.

Council updates: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz spoke about Flamingo Flocking, a fun program with a great cause: proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund. The Barn Dance is sold out but a great covered porch outside is available with 3-5 tables.

Council person Jim Allbritton: Traffic board was started January 2022. Traffic flashing light speed indicators: If you want one on your street, please let him know. The radar signs are working! In January 2023, there were 250 speeding tickets issued vs. 50 in 2022.

Councilman Gary Jablonski gave the fill update from the Drainage Committee to remove the fill, issue permits, etc.

Councilman David Kuczenski gave update on the Dog Ordinance. We don’t want to punish any specific breed; we are depending on the owners to do the training and enforcing with their dogs!

He also referenced an article in the DRW Magazine about our water and the rising water tables, which lead to salt water intrusion.

Councilman Bob Hartmann congratulated Sally and Judi. He talked about the fireworks; we will likely put this item on the next ballot. There are only three legal days to do fireworks and we are working to put an ordinance as a non-binding vote.

Carlos Martinez gave a brief update of the 40-acre lot which he owns (Griffin and Hancock) and the plans to develop the land into larger lots (less lots with more acreage).

The meeting then turned into a celebration of Sally Brokken and Judi Parker and their contribution to the Board over all the years of their service.

Lori Parrish introduced Senator Steve Geller who gave a Proclamation to honor Judi Parker and declared February 24, 2023, as Judi Parker Day. The Parkers moved to SWR in 1974. He declared February 23, 2023, as Sally Brokken Day. The Brokkens moved to SWR in 1976. Sally was the first HOA President (1988) and was instrumental in helping us become a Town.

The two ladies were given various gifts, flowers, and plaques. We took pictures and celebrated them. The evening ended with delicious desserts provided by Lori Parrish.

Treasurer’s report: balance as of January 31, 2023, was $31,818.11.

The next meeting will be on April 26 at 7:30 pm. There will be no meeting in March, since we have the elections this month.


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