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SRHA General Meeting Minutes May 25, 2022

President Christine Brownlow introduced Mac Rivenbark as a new board member. He is a veteran and a resident of our town. Chris called the meeting to order at 7:37 PM and asked Mac to take us through the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris welcomed everyone and acknowledged veterans as part of Memorial Day. Next month’s meeting will be on Wednesday, June 29 via Zoom.

Davie Police/Crime Report: Detective Hobales provided his update: 87 citations in SWR, and 42 in Sunshine Ranches. Crime overall was light, however, there are catalytic convertors being stolen throughout the area. He urged residents to keep cars close to their houses, locked and in a well-lit area. Det. Hobales has stressed repeatedly for residents not to leave keyfobs in their cars. Finally, there was a horse rescue today from a canal.

Chris would like to do an Officer of the Month on The Waggler to highlight the Davie Police members and introduce them to the community. We have 14 officers assigned to us. Jason Halberg, Treasurer, also suggested alternating with Fire Department as “Get to know your First Responders”. We are looking for articles for The Waggler and Det. Hobales will consider writing an article. Chris also raised concerns about the elderly population in our area.

Town Council Member Comments: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz led off with great news about Volunteer Rd and Sheridan: there will be no northbound traffic leaving Holman Automotive onto 148th Ave. (Volunteer Road). Initially, the Council did a resolution opposing the change and after a lot of back and forth, Davie has taken the same position as us, and while not yet final, the Mayor was encouraged that it will not pass.

Hurricane season is here and we need to make sure that we plan early before important items run out. Please prepare! Special meeting on Thursday, June 2 regarding the sale of the property out west (west of SW 196), CCA property which the Town bought and is now selling. We have a reputable buyer; will be warehouse use and low impact since it’s not near homes. Mayor is very happy with this and thanked the administration, esp. Keith.

Gary Jablowski gave an update on several items: Green Meadows phase 2 is about completed; Dykes Road drainage is underway, Transportation TSDR is continuing; Guard rails on Stirling and Hancock are complete. Also gave brief updates on other items including the America Rescue plan, and a Federal community request: Our community rating system at 100% will help our flood insurance rates to go down.

Sally Broken asked Mr. Jablowski about the Church property lot which is now up for sale which was to be developed by resident/developer Carlos Martinez. Gary is advocating for larger lots and proposed the Rural Ranches Plus (RR+) as a new zoning category. We currently have Rural Ranches (RR) and Rural Estates (RE). RR is 2 net acres, which is the lot size for Mr. Martinez’s proposed development. Sally expressed that she has sat on the county board for years and that 2 net acres are very acceptable for lot size. We had a rich discussion by many members who expressed their opinion and support of keeping the lot size at 2 net acres (RR) for the proposed new development as presented by developer Martinez. With respect to our current zoning, the developer is complying. Most of us live under RR and many who live on the east side of SWR expressed support of the existing plan. Councilmember Gary stated that he heard us loud and clear. Jason said that we want to work together and asked for support. In summary, President Chris said that it is needful that the community’s opinions be heard, since we reached out to the community and got a unanimous vote by attendees at the February 23rd SRHOA meeting.

Councilmember Bob Hartmann praised the Davie Police’s Homeowners Vacation Extra Watch. You must set it up about 1 week in advance. Davie will watch your house 2 days to 2 weeks and will visit your house. This is a free service and he encouraged residents to use it! Finally, Bob advised that his 4 year term as Councilman is coming up and he will be running again this year.

Councilman David Kuczenski wrote an article in the DRW explaining Quasi-Judicial which will be coming out next issue. David was very adamant about the U-Turn issue having an eastbound northbound turn onto Volunteer Rd., which is a significant win for us. We passed a resolution opposing this and the Mayor was very diligent in his actions. Also supported Davie Vacation Watch.

President’s report. We sent a card to Senator Book, regarding her dad who has cancer. George Callis sent $1000 for the Scholarship Fund. Gave a shout-out to the Parkers who have a 48 anniversary in late May. Also gave an update about our elderly community. Chris wants to create an Elder Help Group, in conjunction with the blessing of the Town and the Council. We had a great discussion on how to identify the needs and people who need assistance, as well as how to get residents involved in this. Other items: School will be out, so please remember the 25 MPH limit. July is award presentation for scholarship recipients. The August meeting will be in person at Wunderbar.

VP report: we now have a new Communications person who will help, esp. with social media. Will look for fun and upbeat ways to feature and support our neighborhood.

Treasurer’s report: Balance $37,093 as of April 30, 2022. We also had a discussion about our budget and how it is split, including the expense side of the budget, the largest portion of which is the production of the The Waggler. We will show the breakout in a future Waggler.

Membership report: 233 members.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:22 PM.


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