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SRHA General Meeting Minutes November 30, 2022

President Chris Brownlow welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. Tommy Crivello led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Davie Police: Detective Hobales reported that we had a good month with traffic: 73 citations in Sunshine Ranches and 189 in Southwest Ranches. Regarding crime, many were related to people leaving their purses in their cars. Also, there were 4 people arrested in Landmark who were stealing cars there. Officer Larry said we had 153 Vacation Watches for the month, which is a great thing. Holiday tips for shopping were also shared; remember to take your shopping bags out of your cars!

Council Updates: Mayor Steve Breitkreuz

Special meeting this month regarding fireworks and their effect on farm animals, and the mayor is looking forward to receiving input from residents. The mayor’s call is on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Council Member Gary Jablonski gave an update on the Green Meadows program, as well as the various drainage and transportation projects that are underway. Also, the speed trailers are working and helping to reduce speeding in our area.

Vice Mayor Jim Allbritton also referenced the speed trailers. We are also working with Waste Management (WM) to update the maps for the schedules.

Council Member David Kuczenski will be giving updates on traffic and crime in the upcoming Council meetings to bring more awareness. Also, if you have a drainage or fill issue, please attend the Drainage Board meetings.

Council Member Bob Hartmann thanked everyone who supported him during his election campaign; his campaign’s key themes were about keeping us rural, protecting agricultural and animal needs, keeping our taxes reduced and keeping our families safe. He heard a lot of comments from folks, including those related to public safety, which he feels really needs to be improved in our town.

President Chris introduced Carlos Martinez who gave an update about his property on Hancock and Griffin; he has a contract from a person who wants the property as a personal residence and a backup contract from a developer who wants to use the land as a community facility property. Carlos introduced Mark Fisher who showed his projected plan. He wants to purchase the full 40 acres and build 3 residences for personal use, plans to build a horse trail, and provides other enhancements. There were many positive changes made after the September presentation to the HOA, per the residents’ comments. Chris opened up for questions, comments, and concerns.

Council Member Gary Jablonski asked Mark Fisher to consider a few additional items including moving a north/south horse trail to 136 Avenue, as well as extending the canal on the south side of the property 950 feet to 136 Avenue. He also confirmed that what Mark proposed seemed like a viable project and pretty much everyone will support it once all of the conditions are met.

Mr. Fisher responded to Council Member Jablonski, stating that he was never informed about extending the canal. He also stated that extending the canal, especially on someone else’s property, would be a deal-breaker.

Jason Halberg then called the question in the motion, “Does the community of Sunshine Ranches support Mark Fisher’s proposed development as presented this evening where it will be 3 residential plots on the 40 acres with no rec center as previously presented, and Mark has agreed to deed-restrict all 3 properties so that they cannot be further subdivided in the future?” All were in favor. None were opposed. Council Member David Kuczenski announced that he was refraining from voting to avoid any conflicts.

Finally, Marianne Allen had the floor for comment and requested for the town to put in an ordinance regarding fill issues. A specific resident is bringing a lot of fill onto their property. Chris would like for Marianne to be appointed to the Drainage Board.

Mayor Steve stated that he listened in to the entire meeting, and that of course, he would not be able to comment, but that it was a great meeting.

The next meeting will be on January 25 at 7:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.


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