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SRHA General Meeting Minutes October 26, 2022

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 by President Chris Brownlow. The pledge was led by one of our Veteran members attending the meeting. We proceeded to recognize the 40 years of service to our Chief Police Detective Jeff Hobales with a cake presentation organized by DaNell D’Alfonso. Our chief was very moved and thankful for the tribute from the SRHOA board and members.

Police report by Det Jeff - informed about people walking at about 3 in the morning with backpacks full of mail from different municipalities with over 206 pieces of mail which resulted in the apprehension of 2 female suspects and a person in a vehicle assisting them. He also mentioned the addition of new Laser Units giving positive results with speeders.

Council member David Kuczenski informed about the Broward County animal control to reconsider the time animals are held with police before they are returned.

Council member Bob Hartman spoke about Vince Falletta, his contributions to the drainage committee, ethics, knowledge, and experience in different boards and committees. He asked to name a canal in his memory and proposed the canal on Stirling and Luray.

Council member Gary Jablonski presented a town report on Drainage projects in Southwest Ranches, surtax due to inflation, TSDOR, stormwater project schedule, and future construction on the council agenda for approval. Also discussed were town safety projects. Waste Management started services to the Town of Southwest Ranches on October 1st, it is expected to facilitate solid waste and recycling. Updates on trash and bulk pickup.

Additional information and venues discussed:

  • HOA’s $1200 contribution to the artist’s wall mural at Gary A. Poliakoff Founders Park

  • Hay bale contest Oct 29; Sign entrance Green Meadows; Photo contest underway

  • Holiday light contest award December 9th; Rolling Oaks Halloween event

  • November 17th, Erica Garcia’s presentation on fireworks and effects on animals. The Mayor is planning a special workshop for this.

  • Green Meadows civic association thanked SRHOA for their donation.

Our guest speaker was Marty Kiar, who provided valuable information to the residents. Asked the residents if there were any valuation adjustments for their properties to call or email BCPA to check and adjust accordingly. Exemptions: Homestead is capped at 3% increase regardless of the increase in value, additional exemptions based on income tax. Long-term Senior exemption if they live in the town for 25 years or more. Florida ranks first for Title Fraud in the country. Fight the fraud and sign with OWNER ALERT notification program to protect owners from fraudsters from BCPA. Fraud is targeted to Seniors, Low Income, properties paid in full. BCPA works with every city in Broward, FBI, Secret Service, US Attorney, etc. It is mandatory to have an email for a quicker notification from BCPA.

Jason Halberg presented the new potential owner proposal of the ongoing project with Carlos Martinez, the property is under contract with a project to build a 40,000 sf home and a larger 50,000 sf accessory-use building to be used as a sports facility. This would require a variance from the Town. Members discussed the potential of increased traffic with such a large facility that could affect Hancock Road.

Mary Ann Allen provided a report on the ongoing issue related to illegal fill. She mentioned how one property owner, to the rear of her neighbor, brought in and dumped 58 truckloads over the weekend without a permit. She then explained how the property owner only applied for and received a Level II permit (which is good for just 8 truckloads) afterward bringing in 58 truckloads. Upon a stop work notice issued by the town for a fill violation, the property owner then applied for a Level III permit. The resident Mrs. Allen further mentioned that this property owner sits on 2 town advisory boards and is the chair of the drainage board. She shared how she moved here in 1989, and that the rules should apply to everyone. At a recent Town Council meeting, she explained in detail to the Council about the ongoing illegal fill issue and how an urgent change is needed to the town’s fill policy to address these concerns moving forward.

Long-time resident and member of SRHOA, Bob Parker, made a motion to donate $1,500 to the Southwest Ranches scholarship fund, seconded by DaNell D’Alfonso, and approved by the members.

Events coming: Hawks Bluff event, and on Saturday, December 10th, Chili Cook-off and Party at the Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park hosted by the SRHOA on December 11th from 1-3 pm.

Jason Halberg called to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 pm.


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